Several questions with regard to buying pro bundle , domain name, theme etc…

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    I would like to buy the ProBundle and have a few questions.
    1) The blog is now Can I get or instead ?
    2) I would like the Modern News Theme, it looks O.K. although not perfect. What happens when I change the Theme, do I have to re-edit all articles ?
    3) Do I have to do anything like editing at places other than inside wordpress to have the domain on – or when the domain is on (or com) ?
    Could you send your reply to me at nsnbc.wordpress@gmail.,com

    Merry Christmas and all the best.
    Dr. Christof Lehmann



    1) Provided they have not been purchased by someone else – yes.

    2) Premium themes are not part of the bundle and must be purchased in a separate upgrade.

    Changing themes is easy to do and no data is ever lost. However, a new theme may have different sidebars and footers for widgets and or different features. You can go here Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and select a new theme and activate it. After you change your theme all you need to do is go here Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets and re-install them where you want them to appear. The widget contents and settings will be the same as they were prior to changing themes.

    3) No. There is no other editing you need to do.
    The process to follow is here >

    This is a peer support forum. there is no support by phone or email. You subscribe to the threads you post to receive notifications of responses to them.



    Note that a bundle contains several upgrades that each apply only to one blog and are active only for one year when they are due for renewal. A premium theme purchase is a one time purchase that applies to the lifetime of a single blog, while it remains hosted here at

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