Several WordPress to Facebook Questions

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    I have read and researched how best to export my WordPress blog to Facebook, and after all that reading, I’m left with more questions than I started with! I would greatly appreciate any insight this community would be able to share.

    * It looks like I can get my blog from WP to FB either by importing it to FB using FB applications, or by pushing it to FB using WP’s Publicize. Can anyone tell my the subtle differences, and advantages of one over the other?

    * If I wanted to send SOME of my blog posts to FB, but not all, which would be the better way, and how would I do so?

    * Using each method, do blog posts appear on your wall, or as notes, and does it matter where they appear, especially with regards to distribution to friends and fans?

    * To further complicate things, I also have a fan page, and would want some of my blog posts to appear on my fan page, and others to appear on my personal page. Can this be accomplished, and if so, how best to do so?

    * Finally, are there third party applications that are better than using the tools provided by both WP and FB?

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. I’m fairly comfortable with technology, but sometimes, the more you know, the more complicated it becomes! I greatly appreciate anyone’s ability to enlighten me.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ll try answering some of your questions. officially supports this feature called Facebook Publicize. You can see how to set this up & the look of the posts shared using this feature:
    Publicize does not work for Fan Pages at the moment.

    If you set this up, you will be able to send a notification to Facebook whenever you publish a new post from

    If you want to share your post selectively, you may want to manually use Sharing feature after you publish each post.

    Also, you may be interested in Facebook Badge instruction here:



    Many, many thanks for the information! Appreciate the time you took to respond.


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