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  1. marcobigliazzi

    As a professional cartoonist, animator and producer, sometimes I find some spare time to draw some more cartoons in total freedom. That's what happened a few days ago.
    Since it seems that sex and stupidity are the driving forces on the internet, I guess that merging them together could give a terrific result. So, I set up this little blog of mine, PYPYS' LITTLE PAGES, wich deals with a hotchpotch of both. It's some kind of a scientific experiment: sex + stupidity = humor?
    It's nothing really special, anyway you are welcome to give it a try and send your feedback:

    Best to you all worpressians


  2. invisiblemikey

    I predict that your little cartoon guy will be very popular, Marco.

  3. marcobigliazzi

    Thanks for your prediction, invisiblemikey!

  4. Oh, no - you did it for real ;-)

  5. I was a little wary clicking on your blog link, but your cartoons are actually quite cute. I got a good chuckle out of the perfect waiter cartoon :P

  6. marcobigliazzi

    Thank you turnthrice, I wish you more good chuckles! mb

  7. By the way, this is about spamming:

  8. You should post a doodle about cartoonists...

  9. marcobigliazzi

    By the way, I just updated the gallery:

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