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Sexual depiction

  1. Knowing that my blog would at times contain mature content, I've been reading in the forum today about what to do and what is allowed.

    I have set up a static home page with a content warning, and had WordPress mark my blog as Mature.

    My question is about the "pornography" restriction. My blog content will mostly be general story-telling, following characters in the game Sims 3. However sometimes the images may suggest or depict sims engaged in a sex act. These won't be full-on high detail images, but it will be obvious what the sims are doing. Is this disallowed?

    Please advise.

  2. It's allowed. On Mature blogs, any speech or expression which is legal is allowed, and that's allowed, assuming both your SIMs are of legal age...which would be hard, since the game isn't 18 yet I think...

  3. lol. Yes all sims will be consenting adults :0)

    My concern is that sims will be obviously nude and obviously having sex. Soft porn, in a simlish sense. Not porn site material.

    The site wording is

    "explicit sexual materials that can be considered pornographic, such as explicit images or video of sexual acts or close-up images of genitalia;"

  4. Since Sims don't have genitalia (or is my version just really old?) I think you'll be okay.

  5. I use a lot of mods. Custom skins add some genitalia detail, and custom mods make nipples and penis more 3d. Pose player mods for story-telling allow sims to be

    Not sure if I can post a screen shot here as an example, but I'd really like some official input. Do staff ever respond here?

  6. Hi there - this is a bit outside the scope of our stated policies, so it may be best for us to take a look at the actual content. Thanks for not posting any such images to the forum. I've opened a support ticket for you so that you can reply directly by email.

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