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    I notice a significant drop in hits on the weekend. My biggest visitor days appear to be Tuesday through Thursday. Anybody else notice a similar or different trend.

    I’ve only been up about 7 weeks so not sure if “trend’ is the right word here.

    Sorry if the topic title is a tad misleading but made you look ;)

    The blog I need help with is



    Visits go up and visits go down. Big days depend on many things – I always get a boost when I do another article and it is posted to the front page of a news site that has my site as a regular contributor. So for me this last Saturday (yesterday) was a spike because of the new article.

    One suggestion for your site, fix your tag line “Just another site” looks a bit like an amateur to me whenever I see the default still showing.



    The younger your site, the more volatile. My hits normally go down 20% or so on weekends, and Mondays are strong because my blog is something people read while they’re waking up on the first work day.



    My stats are always low on weekends and when we have long weekends they are also low for additional day. This has alaways been the case with my blogs. It’s not a trend. I believe the majority of my regular readers are reading my blogs during work hours.

    I strongly suggest that you promote your blog posts using social media and social networking sites. But do note this the most effective way to increase traffic is to invest time and energy on commenting, commentin, commenting on other similar blogs in the same niche.



    @auxclass, telling me to do something techie without telling me how is a waste of your time. If you only knew, lol. My joke on me is I give out (email redacted) as my real email address.

    So yeah, how do ya get rid of that “just another wordpress site” shameless promo?

    @raincoaster, yeah my numbers are pretty modest to anyone but me. I’m thrilled and humbled at averaging about 100 hits per day after 7weeks. The first day I got 3 legit hits. Then 8. Then 15 and so on. The second week I bounced from 30 to 46 hits per day. Now I’m doing 100 per day. September was just over 2000 hits. I should pass that number for October today.

    My goal is 10,000 unique hits per day. I expect it will take a year, maybe two.

    @time Thief, Oh I got a heads up about you and your site a couple weeks back. Both are impressive. Will read your stuff, thanks. Doing Twitter, listed on a couple blog rolls. I post on other hockey sites and see how that helps. I’m very welcome on other sites but trolling doesn’t come easy to me, if you get my drift ;)

    You know, ethical, high minded liberal. Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door kinda guy.

    The big thing for me is getting media credentials from the National Hockey League and the teams so I can use their videos, other materials and have access. To get the credential I need more than 100 hits per day. So yeah, I need to read you.

    My main focus for the moment is getting up 3-4 original stories per day. I have a good rep for knowing the game. I want to be considered a prolific blogger. In my very brief experience the more stories the more hits.

    Thanks to all. I kind of suspect people are logging in from work. That’s good to know.



    If your goal is 10,000 uniques per day, surely by now you know that stats don’t count uniques, yes?



    Nope, but I do now. That’s okay.



    You get rid of the “Just another WordPress Blog” under Settings->General, tagline.



    Thank you raincoaster. That is dumb downed to my tech level. It even worked the first time, amazing.


    lol the title of this post is sexy within itself, that is so original and im loving it
    …although imo the old stats were ok and did’nt need any changing.


    The change as I understand it was to move away from Adobe Flash and over to HTML5 partly because Flash doesn’t work on iPads and iPhones and there were a ton of requests from those users. They could have, I guess, kept everything designed just as it was, but designers like to tinker.

    Everything changes, nothing remains the same forever. Personally from a web designer’s standpoint, I like the new layout and the way they have organized things much better than before.



    100 hits a day after only 7 weeks, you are doing great!


    @ thescaredpath

    Your totally correct nothing remains the same forever, although I wished many things would, but im not a tech type person so the change could be for the better and i’ve just not realized it. Guess im so used to a certain way and that way is something I could deal with forever or untill change is apparently needed.



    @webmistress27, a propeller head once told me, “If people understood Dos Shells, we wouldn’t have Windows 98 SE”

    Engineers are logical. They’re worse than Spock from the original Star Trek.Spock was half human.

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