shall i give up??? Is this a practical joke???

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    (a) I’ve deleted the stuff (“Hello World” etc) that was put on my post by someone 3 times but it is still there;
    (b) I’ve been unable to find the 2 pages of text I published, even though I followed the 2 routes given on Learn.wordpress and in the forum respectively. These are the link and clicking the name of my blog on “my blogs” on the dashboard
    (c) I also can’t get to the homepage from the dashboard
    I hope this is specific enough for someone to diagnose my problem
    (d) oh, and I was advised on forum to click on “welcome zingcreed” in top right corner. Well, it doesn’t say that there.
    I’m beginning to wonder if this site is just some huge kind of practical joke.

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no joke here. this is the blog linked to your username
    Show me where you see this:

    (a) I’ve deleted the stuff (“Hello World” etc) that was put on my post by someone 3 times but it is still there;



    I have viewed that blog using 2 different browsers and I do not see what you claim is there. I see a blog that’s completely devoid of any blogger created content. If you are referring to another blog then post the URL starting with http:// please so we can examine it and determine what you are posting about.



    You are almost certainly looking at a cached version of the blog. Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies and then look again.



    (a) thanks for your help, but new problems crop up all the time
    (b)I’ve tried chrome and I.E. – no difference
    (c) the cheery “Hello World” stuff is presumably computer generated and is on every new user’s front page not just mine, but it won’t delete, and stuff I’ve laboriously typed and been told was published ISN’T there. I’m amazed you can’t see it, Time thief
    (d) it’s my original “ZINGcreed” blog, I don’t have another one
    (e) Hi raincoaster, too technical for me I,m afraid. All this shouldn’t be necessary if only the site designer had done their job properly in the first place. I’ve done some trouble-shooting in my time, and I’d love to revamp Wp. Trouble is when people get too familiar with anything they can no longer remember what it was like when they were total beginners .
    (f)please see today’s problem list
    (g) I’m off to SE Asia for 2 months on Tuesday and I’ll be using internet cafe’s for mail contact, doubt I’ll have time to dabble in Wp again till Feb 2013. We’ll see, but I’ll get proficient on day!



    If you don’t understand what a cached version is, you are not in a position to be revamping

    The simple answer is:

    go to

    Do you see the Edit button? Click it.

    Now, on the Edit Post page, on the right-hand side in the sidebar beside the Update button, click Move to Trash.


    I can see your other posts. If you can’t, it’s probably because you’re not looking at the main page of the blog, which you can always get to by clicking the blog name in the admin bar.

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