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Shameless Blog Self-Promotion: Crash Course in Self

  1. crashcourseinself

    I'm not sure what my niche is but am trying self-therapy via blog -- a little self-deprecatory humor, a few literary references. Toss in family issues and a pathological fear of failure and you pretty much have me in a nutshell.

    I welcome feedback of any kind -- hits to the blog keep me accountable to continuing to work on it which is what I'm looking for. Include link to your blog and I'll follow it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. crashcourseinself

    And I forgot the URL!

    Thank you.

  3. I'm a therapy blogger too, but for different reasons.

    The white on black is a little hard for some of us visually challenged people to read, although I like the style of your blog. I seem to say that a bit acutally - like the look and feel, have difficulty reading it! :)

    I do wish and have suggested to WP that larger fonts be more easily available for us authors.

    Good start to your therapy!

  4. crashcourseinself

    @teamoyeniyi: Thanks for the suggestion - I changed the theme to something a bit more readable. I thought the other one was more enchanting -- but this new theme is more practical. Appreciate the feedback!

  5. Much easier to read! :)

    Thanks for the subscription too. :)

  6. I hit submit before I meant to.

    I really like your most recent post a lot. I will be back to read more.

  7. Interesting blog! I hope it's helping you so far :)

  8. crashcourseinself

    @teamoyeniyi: Oh, thank you!
    @rachelgrima: Well, it's giving me an outlet at least...stressing me out a bit all of this self-accountability and fear that it's lousy writing. But, one must start someplace. :)

  9. Excellent and creative too! I like your new blog.

  10. @teamoyeniyi, have you tried writing somewhere that has larger font's and do a copy and paste, i usually write in notepad, save it, and copy and paste

  11. I have read your blog and found it very amusing and enjoyable! :) great work.

    Many people do say that writing is a therapeutic thing in its own right.

  12. crashcourseinself

    Thanks for the kind words -- I try. Right now, most of this is just getting into the habit of writing without obsessing too much. A work in progress!

  13. LOL!!!!! I love your tag line... Just a Woman and her stomach-ache.

    Oh right. I am reading!!! Must learn how to focus!!!

  14. But the one question I have... is I cannot seem to leave a comment on your blog post where you are blowing!!!!!

  15. crashcourseinself

    That's odd - I don't know why that is. When I go there, I may be experiencing the same thing -- I see an option to view comments and (as administrator) edit my and others' comments but not post any fresh ones. I'll look into it. Thanks for pointing that out.

  16. crashcourseinself

    @womanchina: I figured out what was going on with the comments and apparently other users are experiencing the same issue. Fixed now -- thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  17. @crashcourseinself
    I like your blog. I left you a comment and I subscribed. It's so cool that since I moved my personal blog back to (not the one my username is linked to) I am connecting with other personal bloggers -- yay! Now all I need is more time to blog and comment in.:)

  18. crashcourseinself

    Thanks, @timethief - I checked out yours as well. It is amazing just how much good stuff is out here, and yes, finding time is the most difficult part. Looking forward to being connected.

  19. @crashcourseinself, there are so many good blog's that i find it hard to visit them all :)

  20. crashcourseinself

    @dribblingpensioner: Tell me about it! My blogroll keeps getting longer. But, the good news is that there's always plenty to distract me from work (er, that IS the good news, right?).

  21. @crashcourseinself, look at this site and you can see a good way to make a blogroll

  22. crashcourseinself

    Thanks, @dribblingpensioner - I appreciate the tip greatly.

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