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  1. Could it be a murder weapon?
    Post your thoughts here or there.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the shamwow is amazing!!!

    i personally own 4

    one for the kitchen, one for the garage, one for the bathroom, and one because it is so frickin awesome!!

  3. Really? I need one! I almost bought it on my 18th birthday, because I couldn't buy it through the TV before then. :P

  4. Forget the ShamWow - the product everyone is talking about is the Snuggie.

    I'm guessing the Snuggie has some sponge like absorbent qualities. Plus, it looks good on German people.

  5. ITS A CULT!!!!! LOL! Its from this snugie spoof I saw.

  6. You know who hates the ShamWow guy?

    Billy Mays - the OxyClean guy!

    I'm pretty sure Billy calls the ShamWow guy a "punk" to his wife and buddies.

    But the ShamWow as a weapon?
    Maybe if you had a little cut on your finger with a little blood dripping.
    If you put the ShamWow on the cut it could absorb all the blood in your body leaving you bloodless and murdered.

    Or you could always force someone to eat the ShamWow - that would prob kill them too.

  7. As the police mugs reveal, Shamwows do not do a good job of absorbing blood from beat up hookers or annoying pitchmen.

  8. theunhappycamper

    LOL Xtap

  9. Are you guys actually serios about this shamwow being good?
    All I know about it is that the tv spot is hillarous!

    Take a look if you like. Thanks.

  10. the sham wow guy got charged for felony battery upon a prostitude...
    oh wow.

  11. surrealisticsanity

    My admiration for him increased after I read about that.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    He's an ass. He beats women. And I hope he dies. That's all .........

  13. The guy and the TV spots are annoying, but the product works as advertised. I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it in person.

  14. i live in texas and there is a strawberry festival that just finished up where i live and the ShamWow guys were there. this dad and his son. the dad was a jerk, like the dinglebergs off of fairly odd parents. the son was awesome and cute. i got the son with one of those shocker pens and he got shocked really bad and cussed. the mike was on and these lil kids heard. it was awesome.

  15. "The guy and the TV spots are annoying, but the product works as advertised. I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it in person."

    Ok. This convinces me, it works. But looks the TV spot so fake then? With breaks and all stuff.

  16. winnieeverlasting

    i can't believe there's a whole thread on shamwow. we blogging people have way too much time on our hands. i personally am more of an oxiclean person, not that i have enough money to buy it! i do hate the commercials, though. it's like the guy can't speak unless he's screaming.

  17. Some funny Vince/ShamWow/SlapChop dub overs:

    ShamWow dub:

    SlapChop dub:

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