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    Hi guys,

    I’m trying to integrate the “share” button on my blogs so readers can share the posts on facebook, twitter etc, but it doesn’t seem to be working, anyone else have the same problem? found a solution?

    thanks for any help!



    We’d really need a link to the blog in question, starting with http:// before we can start to help.


    sure, its the share button available in wordpress in settings -) sharing

    I’ve put it back online so you can see it :




    Did you add services to the Share button first?

    If you have, and it still isn’t working, please contact Support directly


    Yes I added facebook, twitter and email, but still not working in IE or FF.

    Thanks for the help




    I’m facing same problem. I set the buttons in my dashboard, I can see the buttons that I set when I click in preview before publish a post but I can’t see the buttons when normally navigating in my blog.

    I’m new in WordPress. I just started a blog, but I believe I configure correctly the share buttons following other posts in forum.

    I will try contact support directly like justjennifer suggest, meanwhile anyone knows why I can see the sharebuttons when I click in preview but can’t see when published?



    I see them on individual posts in the blog linked to your username.



    @frenchadminblog: Your blog appears to use Custom CSS extensively… I can barely recognize the Digg 3 theme :-) There’s a possibility that somehow your custom CSS is hiding the sharing buttons. If you don’t want to start digging through your code, you can contact staff as justjennifer said.



    Hello again.

    I just do not understand what is happening here. After justjennifer said my blog is showing ok I try to open it in my iPod Touch. Then I saw the share it buttons normally.
    After this I try to open my blog in my Android cell navigator and I saw the sharing buttons.

    But in firefox under Ubuntu I just can’t see the sharing buttons. I just installed the Chrome and can’t see either the buttons.
    I suppose that WordPress is correctly configured and the problem is in my system.

    I already clean the cache and cookies at least three times. And already send a message to support but I was unaware about this last facts.

    Anyway, now I will wait some answer from support and will try to open the blog in some browsers running under windows.

    @justjennifer, which browser are you using and which OS?





    I just find the solution for my problem while I was doing some research.
    In another discution the user airodyssey came with the answer. I will copy his explanation here for those with similar problem.

    “Hi. Yes it does, but only when you view posts individually. Example:

    That’s the way it works for “Like” buttons. If you want “Share” buttons to appear even on your homepage, go to Settings > Sharing > Show sharing buttons on Posts Pages and Index.”

    After all it was a simple configuration in WordPress. I never saw the posts individually so because the Settings>Sharing>Show was set to “Posts and Pages” I didn’t see the buttons in main page. In my portable devices I saw because they open the individual post.

    Now, about the problem described by frenchadminblog here goes some ideas.
    While was trying to solve my problem I check the html code generated e notice that there was no sign of sharing buttons code. Because this I realize that the problem was no with my system so I did a research and found the actual solution like explained above.
    Well frenchadminblog, I don’t know if the settings to show the buttons are activated now in your account, but I look into your html code and didn’t find similar code I found in my pages to show the buttons. So I think it could be something more than simple CSS code messing up Share buttons.

    But if right now the settings to show the Share buttons are inactive you could try to setting it again and check the html generated code. I think that if it is really CSS code messing up appearance of paga in browser the Sharing code will be in html code but CSS do not allow to browser show it.




    I see your sharing buttons in individual posts and pages but not on the front page. If you want to show them on the front page too then you need to change your sharing configuration –



    If you do that and still cannot see them on your front page then may suggest that you contact Staff?


    @timethief I have deactivated the share button so you must be referring to the “like” button, the share button is the one with the social media icons inside when you click on it. The like button is working fine but its not linked to any of the social networks.

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