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"Share" button on WordPress blogs on iPhones

  1. I don't normally read blogs via my iPhone, but the few times I have, on WordPress blogs (via Safari, not the WP app), there is a very annoying floating "Share" icon that is right in the middle of things, making it hard both to read and to comment. Most of us would be honored if readers shared our posts, but they have to be able to see and read it first, and annoying features like that are the type of things that will make potential readers give up rather than work around it. Most of us have places on our blogs for people to click to share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., but if you feel you MUST put "Share" icons on our blogs, could you at least put them to the side or in the corner?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can't see the problem you're referring to.

    Is the affect blog? If so, is there a specific post?

  3. It looks like I owe you all an apology. I was looking through a number of blogs the other night and saw this so I thought it was on all WordPress blogs, but I have looked at several tonight and have just seen it on one. It says it is powered by WordPress but doesn't have in the address, so evidently it just uses WP software. But, anyway, at this blog ( and some others, viewing them on the computer, the "Share" icon is over to the side, but on the iPhone it's right in the middle (again, using Safari as a browser and not the WP app). I don't know if this is set on your end or if it something the individual blogger sets.

    I apologize for jumping the gun and posting when I only thought I knew what I was talking about without making sure first. But if this is something in your software for the iPhone, it would by nice if the Share icon was over to the side rather than in the center.

  4. Yeah, they're definitely using the self-hosted software, so we have absolutely no control over it unfortunately.

    They do appear to have a contact page, which I suppose you could use to notify them.

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