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Share buttons missing

  1. Share buttons are missing from the Settings | Share page. The only ones that show are Print and Email. Where did the rest of them go and how do I get them back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This appears to be a glitch. has been working on the sharing coding, so they're probably doing something behind-the-scenes and the buttons will return to us all eventually.

    And to think I just "redid" my buttons last night after they made the first changes -- I hope I don't have to redo it again. But improvements are good! :-)

  3. I wonder how long it will be before they get the bug fixed. Or if they are even aware of it...

  4. @ldmartin1959: If your blog is private, then it's not a glitch if only Email and Print are available.

  5. Oh, I didn't even catch that it was still set to private. I guess that's what we used to call and ID-10T error (think about it for a second!!)

  6. My blog's not private, and after seeing this, I refreshed my blog page, and I had no buttons except email and print. I haven't been back again, but I presume that at some point, everything will be back.

  7. That is to say, after seeing the initial post, I refreshed my blog page & my buttons were reduced to email & print, and nothing dropped down from the additional share box, either. I didn't check the actual dashboard page, though.

  8. On the other hand, maybe it was my browser being funky after too many hours of use without restarting, since all my buttons are there again!

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