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Share Buttons Missing

  1. I originally had my share buttons set so that they could be viewed (and clicked on) from my home page without first clicking on individual posts. For some reason they're now missing... and so is the option to switch this back on when I go into my preferences. I tried doing everything suggested in the forums, but nothing seems to be working. Is this no longer an option? I'd like people to be able to share my content without having to go into the post first to access the share buttons (since some readers don't know to do this). Help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've been following these all day, but unfortunately none of the suggestions given work for me. Obviously this is a general problem. Help us, WordPress Staff! :-)

  3. Precisely: I tagged the thread so that staff takes a look.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Please do not panic. When an issue affects this many people it often proves to be the case that Staff are making changes in the backend. :)

  6. Mine are gone as well!

  7. My reply picked up the auto generated avatar even though I have my own.

    Something is happening system wide.

  8. Well then maybe it's a good time for us all to log out for awhile and find something else to do. :)

  9. quinonostantemuses

    Yeah mine have gone...not great!

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