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Share buttons no longer flush left

  1. I just noticed today that my row of share buttons, which used to be neatly aligned flush left at the bottom of my posts, are now floating somewhere between flush left and centered. This might have happened prior to today, but I only just noticed it. Did WP do something, or did I? And in any case, how do I get them back flush left?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Yes, the exact same thing happened to me today. did change something:

    For the buttons to look presentable again, you'll need to write something in Settings > Sharing > Sharing Label.

  3. If that will "neaten" it up, I'll do it, but under protest. I prefer a minimum of clutter and had specifically not done that before. Maybe I can tinker with the CSS and re-align it. At least I know it's not something I did. Thanks.

  4. You have the Custom Design upgrade? I forgot to ask. I tagged this thread so that it's moved to the CSS Forum then.

  5. BTW, adding a "share" label didn't help. There's still a big gap between it and the buttons.

  6. Did you add the label and THEN click on Save changes at the bottom?

  7. Thread moved to the CSS forum section.

  8. Yes, I added "Share:" then saved. I'm on a Mac and have viewed it in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, both logged in and logged out of WP. (Also emptied the cache.) The label "Share:" is aligned flush left and there's a big gap between it and the buttons. The buttons stay in the same position whether the label is there or not.

  9. Oooh that's what you mean. Yeah, the gap between "Share" and the buttons would be caused by the fact that the column is now of fixed width. There is probably a way to make the column narrower or inexistant. Hopefully a CSS-savvy volunteer can figure out a solution.

  10. This is probably a bug brought about by the staff "brainstorming and coding" blitz. They need to fix this. I can fix it two different ways with CSS, but the fixes might end up messing stuff up after staff fixes the real problem. So just know that the following fix may blow up in the near future after staff fixes this bug. Put this at the very end of all your CSS changes.

    .sd-content {
    float: left !important;
  11. Thanks, that worked beautifully. I don't envy staff trying to write code that works with 90-some different themes.

  12. You are welcome, and not to mention all the different browsers and browser versions.

  13. Oh yes, make that 90-some different themes, multiple versions of at least three different operating systems, and multiple versions of at least 5 different browsers.

  14. Similar issue here:
    For some reason, our share buttons look different. It's minor, but noticeable. Did this happen to everyone? And more importantly, our counts of Tweets and Likes aren't visible. Where you used to see the Twitter icon and a number showing how many people Tweeted it, now there's just the Twitter icon...

  15. @margelit: Yes, the change occurred two weeks ago. More info and a solution here:

    If you have any further questions on the subject, I suggest we continue on that other topic (link above). Thanks.

  16. Thanks so much!

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