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    I was wondering, all other sites such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Myspace etc. and tons of other news/entertainment websites have the Share feature. Why doesn’t WordPress.COM have it? Not to mention we’re already constrained by the limits of CSS customization and widgets and themes, why not have the Share option under ‘extras’ maybe to further expand the boundaries of wordpress blogs. Most other sites have the share feature linked to wordpress too, I find it weird wordpress doesn’t have this feature.

    So I suggest, for a SHARE feature to be made optional at the end of every post where we could not only spread the word of our own posts but others as well to various social networking sites and spread the information.


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    Yes, I too am looking for “share this story” to add to my blog postings. I’m not getting much traffic, but if my few loyal readers could foward to others maybe I could reach more of my intended audience.



    We are also interested in the possibility of adding share features to each post, without having to go in and manually add the code to each and every blog post. It’s just not efficient to have these “share”-type features relegated to the righthand toolbar in a widget.



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