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    I am new to blogging and also very bad with html.
    please help me out with setting up a button for sharing on facebook. tried out 3-4 links given in the forum here. Either unable to get an image or the link does not work.

    The blog I need help with is



    GetSocial {windows Only} Has a Facebook share button here is a tutorial i wrote up awhile back [Written]/[Video Tutorial]


    This is very nice t3ck, thanks a lot
    but I use a Macintosh!….
    Is there any such thing for mac-users?




    I am trying to implement FB share (actually to swap it for another bookmarking site). On other sites the &t parameter seems to populate the title box, but when I try it, I just get stuff read from the global blog meta tags as per:

    Any ideas?



    @raincoaster As Getsocial is for windows users…..So is adding a “bookmarklet” the best way?
    I would like to select the picture I want to put on the share button and I donĀ“t need too many networks to share!



    If you ONLY want to do Share with Facebook, get the button/bookmarklet that Facebook gives you and put it in your browser bar. I use it all the time. But that only works for YOU; it doesn’t give your readers a way to add your post to their pages.

    #383534 is my blog. You can see that when I added the code that facebook provide to the text widget. I just get the whole gibberish displayed on my homepage. So still confused. Save my Soul!



    Anyone have any ideas on my &t issue as per my post above?


    @trnovice I have no idea about your problem. I am a newbie here!
    I would love to know how you got those share in “xxxxxx” links!




    Not sure what question you are asking – can you clarify for me please?



    Sorry for not being clearer!
    At the end of your posts, I see

    Tweet this article on
    Bookmark this article with:
    | Facebook | | digg | Reddit | Stumble

    So I was referring to these when I asked how did get these “Bookmark with” buttons?



    OK – thanks for asking.

    The images for the buttons I got either from the sites themselves (e.g. ) or I copied off of site that were using them (see the bottom of for example – strangely the BBC and I seem to have graviated to the same buttons – though we both used to have ones with just a couple shared).

    As to the code for the links, I either got this off of the bookmarking sites or by looking at how people like the BBC did it. If you click on one of the BBC sites, you can see what the URL is.

    Finally, how do I get these into my blog articles? Sadly the answer is manually and it is a laborious process. Much the same as raincoaster above, I have a file with the template HTML (with all the images and links) but with the URL and title of the article in question as place-holders. Here is an example of one line from this:

    (<img src=””>Stumble)

    I globally replace “REPLACEME” with the URL of the blog post and globally replace “BANNER” with its title. I then paste the resulting HTML into the end of the blog article.

    There are applications that you can use to do the same (and do it more easily and flexibly), but not all of them are supported on

    I hope that helps.





    That code was meant to be:

    <a target="_new" href=""><img src="">Stumble</a> )




    <a target="_new" href=""><img src="">Stumble</a>



    Eek – sorry for the multiple posts – I hope that you get the idea.



    Thanks a Ton!
    Got it working atlast!
    But this a bit tedious though :( …..neways something is better than nothing :)

    Thanks again for all the posts! @trnovice!



    Yes it is undoubtedly rather tedious.

    Good luck with it.


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