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  1. Primarily, wordpress supports <b>facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, email, print and press this</b> sharing buttons to be used on your site.

    These buttons can be found Dashboard >> Settings >> Sharing.

    Few Bloggers may need more buttons like Delicious/Myspace/LinkedIN etc. Let we share how we can add more buttons..

    Newbies: One can add an extra sharing button by clicking on <b>Add A New Service</b> link on Sharing Settings page. Where you find- options like, <b>Service Name</b>
    <b>Sharing URL</b>
    <b>Sharing Button Image</b> of 15x15 pixels.

    For example, You can add "AddThis" button by filling the form as:

    <b>Service Name:</b> AddThis
    <b>Sharing URL:</b>
    <b>Sharing Image</b>

    I request you to suggest other individual buttons, like MySpace, LinkedIN, Delicious, FriendFeed, Orkut... etc., if you've used them. Probably this will help every WordPress User. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The following post on Ryan Markel's blog already contains a list of URLs and images to add many many custom services:

    And by the way, the "b" tag doesn't work here. Use "strong" instead :-)

  3. Thanks :)

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