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Share stats - what do they actually mean?

  1. I'm confused by the Share stats for posts on my blog. If I look at my Site Stats on my Dashboard the figures for shares of individual blog posts are much lower than if I look at the Stats showing on the Sharing buttons on the actual posts.

    For example, the Dashboard is showing 7 shares in total for this post

    But on the blog post itself it's showing 17 Twitter shares and 43 Facebook shares, for a total of 60 shares.

    Is the Dashboard showing only the original shares directly from the blog, while the buttons are also tracking the subsequent shares from Twitter and Facebook? Or what?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. This is normal. If you are using the "Official Buttons", your sharing stats are not counted: (which refers to "Smart" buttons - they are called "Official" now).

    Why? Because those buttons aren't actually on, but on Facebook's website, Twitter's website, etc., so has no way of keeping track of them.

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