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  1. I am using the "Suits" theme and I do not see the "share" tags come up under my posts at my main blog

    My test site/blog the share buttons do show up

    So I guess my question is why does it work on one of my sites and not both?

    also how can I get the share tags/buttons to show up on my main blog.

    Thanks for any help it will be very much appreciated !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because you have the two sites on different settings. On the blog where they do not show up, click to set them to show on index and other pages as well as individual blog posts.

  3. Where do I change that setting?

  4. ohhh sweeet I found it thanks very much !!!!!!!!!

  5. So I just went back to check how I add the share buttons

    Go to dashboard
    then settings
    then sharing
    drag icons Facebook, g+, Twitter, etc into the area below and yippee !

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