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    I’m trying to find a way to add a widget, etc. so that my readers will have ‘Share This’ options (like Tweet This, share via FB etc.) for my posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’d like to be able to have my “share this” buttons (via Facebook, Twitter etc) on the sidebar where my other Widgets are, such as number of visits and recent posts. Right now “share this” is only coming up at the very bottom of the page, and readers are telling me they only see it if they scroll down to the bottom to prior posts. I’d really like it to be on the sidebar so it is more visible.


    Moderator’s Sharing Buttons can be added on Posts, Pages and Media in order to share specific items. There is no option for adding these buttons to the sidebar. See here:

    Having said that, there are several themes that include social media buttons in their layout as well as widgets that you can add to your theme’s sidebar that will help your readers to connect to you on social media.

    While once it was possible to add a standalone ShareThis to your sidebar, apparently changes on ShareThis’ end makes that no longer possible, as iframes and javascript are not allowed on

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