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  1. Last week I activated a new blog. After posting an item I am send to a Congratulation! page. Is it a new feature? I never saw this on my other blogs.

    Now this page makes it possible to add Share This to the post. I did not activate it, I did not drag the utensils to the box, yet there is a 'Share This Twitter and Facebook' at the bottom.How do I get rid of it? I don't see a delete option.

  2. ...Just guessing. WP has an obligation to advertise for Twitter/Facebook?

  3. Hi. It is activated by default but you can certainly deactivate it under Settings > Sharing.
    Details here:

  4. My previous message referred to the "Share This" features beneath each post.

    In regards to the "Congratulations" message, see here please.

  5. Sharing Settings, yes, but I have dragged/dropped nothing, and there are no check-ons anywhere. Yet Facebook-Twitter-Yahoo-Messenger-LinkedIn are Connected.

    In the Example page you gave the 'Show a Button line' is checked, but not on my page.
    So I don't understand.

    I'm not sure if this link will work for you, but here is the page:

  6. And regarding 'Congratulations; I left a message for timethief over there about it, but otherwise the notice is not bothering me. I just wondered about it.

  7. I went to your blog and see no sharing buttons.

    If you are referring to the Facebook and Twitter buttons in your comments box, that's another story: they cannot be removed.

    P.S. The link in your last response does not work for me (fortunately!) as it is your own dashboard.

  8. Yes, to see that page you would have to have admin rights, I forgot.

    You're right, or partly. I don't see 'Share This' or 'Twitter-Facebook' icons on any of my blogs, EXCEPT this one:
    It literally reads:
    'Share This: Facebook and Twitter.'

    I checked 'Settings - Share Settings' once more. What strikes me again is that the whole top row of 'Publice' icons are in the 'Connected' mode. Did I activate them by accident? Come to think of it; I remember a little experimenting on that dashboard page...
    However, I see no option to get 'Disconnected' back.

    I'm totally not interested in communication systems like Facebook and Twitter, know nothing about its working ways and I guess I have to have a Twitter/FB account somewhere anyway.
    But in Blog Stats I found a few incoming email addresses in 'Subscribers', and they were clearly sp*m. So via the Facebook/Twitter feature people are contacting me?

    But again, this is exclusively on my recently started weblog, none of the other ones show these connectors. So I assume they're some new WP feature,

  9. If you don't want the Facebook/Twitter sharing buttons on any of your posts or pages, you need to go to Settings > Sharing and drag and drop all of the services from "Enabled services" to "Available services".

  10. You do not need to have a Twitter, FB, or any other account to allow Sharing buttons. They're not really for you. They're for your users.

  11. ...Right, they're gone now.

    =They're not really for you. They're for your users.=

    Maybe I should put 'm back...
    I'll consider it when my stats announces a 1000 a day.

    I'm more outdated than Windows NT 4.0
    But thanks for the advices, I understand the system a little better now.

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