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Share This Buttons Missing Suddenly On Latest Post

  1. anyoneforseconds

    Hi WP,

    I have just published my latest blog post and I cannot see the "Share this" buttons below it. I can see them below all my other posts and when I turn off the feature, they disappear for all the other posts and when I turn them back on they reappear for all but the latest post.

    Is there a problem with the buttons showing on new posts?

    Thanks for any help given.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have disabled the sharing buttons on that specific post.

    Just edit it, scroll to the bottom of the edit page, and check "Show sharing buttons on this post."

  3. anyoneforseconds

    It's not something I intentionally did as I never scroll to the bottom and it has always worked for every other post.

    I will have to make sure this is checked each time from now on.


  4. Hm, this looks like something we did. For the last hour and a half, all published posts defaulted to no sharing buttons. It's all fixed up now.

    Sorry about that!

  5. tucsonmedicalcenter

    It's not fixed everywhere. We're having same issue -- still. Any advice?

  6. It's fixed meaning that it will never happen again.

    For any published post, just edit it, scroll to the bottom of the edit page, and check "Show sharing buttons on this post."

  7. @macmanx
    The Facebook share buttons aren't appearing on either of my blogs at present. They are on the Sharing page in my blog.

  8. Yep, we're aware of the issue, but it could be something on Facebook's end, as it only affects their official buttons, and they only disappear when you're logged out of Facebook.

    We're still digging.

  9. thistimethisspace

    Good day macmanx,
    My Facebook icons reappeared on both blogs last night. This morning they are AWOL again so I'm glad you're "still digging".

  10. timethief, this is all fixed up now.

  11. thistimethisspace

    Hi again,
    Cheers for kardotim. :)

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