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    I would love to see a feature that allows blogs to have a Share widget at the top or bottom of every article, and it would allow readers to share various articles through social aggregation websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

    Just as an example, here’s a Kotaku article that has social sharing buttons on the top right-hand corner (Twitter, Facebook, Digg):


    Me too! I really like this feature on other blogs and think it’s definitely something wordpress should look into!



    We can use social bookmarking for and when we do our twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, etc. are updated with snippets from out latest post and the link to it. In fact there are 5 ways we can use to do those updates right now

    Have you also noticed this? > Settings > Reading
    For each article in an enhanced feed, show
    Add to Stumbleupon
    Add to
    Add to
    Add to Reddit




    freshcookiezblog, posted the news into a forum thread that a Tweetmeme shortcode is now available for use on blogs.



    Do you know that Publicize supports the following.
    * Yahoo! Profiles via Yahoo! Updates
    * Twitter


    @timetheif, I think the original poster may be thinking of widgets as seen on other news websites where the reader specifically can post the link to another place, or e-mail it. I think that would be a fantastic idea, as long as it was an attractive widget!


    A share widget would certainly be a very nice feature.



    As she said, Getsociallive does this, as does Addthis.

    Note: widgets go in the sidebar, and they will only allow you to link to your main blog page. Links actually IN the post are not widgets; they are things like AddThis or Getsociallive, and you paste the code in to your post.



    AddtoAny is my current favorite. Dead simple to use if you’re using a browser, like FF, that includes a bookmarks toolbar.



    @endtheillusion, I agree that would be nice

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