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  1. simplepolitiks

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a college student running a political blog called SimplePolitiks. My political blog is centered on morals, integrity, and facts. Check it out if you're interested!

    Tell me about your blogs! I'd love to check 'em out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like your blog and agree with a lot of your Political views. I also agree with a lot of the Republican and Democratic platforms, I also disagree with some of their core policies that is why I am not affiliated with either.

    On election day I will vote for the candidate that most closely share my views on the direction I think this country should be going, the one that I feel will represent the public over party.

    Good blog

  3. I am an aspireing model in Chicago. My blog has updated on my photoshoots, advertisements and also a bit about my personal life. Let me know what you think! Thanks

    Heather Elizabeth

  4. Moderators and Staff,
    We have an abdundance of these "share your blogs" and "follow me and I'll follow you" threads here. Some date back to March. Will you please consider closing them all, except one?

  5. 101problems
    My blog is basically just about life and crazy other misadventures. For now, I only have some serious posts up since I just started literally just a few hours ago haha (:

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