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  1. Tell us about your blog here! What do you blog about? How often do you post? Showcase your blog below!

    I am the author of Dog House Gaming Blog, and I write guides, journals, reviews and news about PlayStation and PC games, including A comprehensive guide to scoring high in Super Stardust Delta, and I recently started writing about Runescape (I'm on my third account. Haven't played it it in a few years.) I also right about browser games including Uberstrike; and I like (and I rock at) First Person Shooters. I'm also on Twitter @Dog_G6

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm the author of The Mad Reviewer and as you can probably tell from the title, I write reviews. Book reviews, to be more specific. I publish either one book review or one article about the YA genre a day. Generally I review YA books, but I review pretty much anything that can be read by teens or tweens.

  3. As a professional cartoonist, animator and producer, sometimes I find some spare time to draw some more cartoons in total freedom. That's what happened a few days ago.
    Since it seems that sex and stupidity are the driving forces on the internet, I guess that merging them together could give a terrific result. So, I set up this little blog of mine, PYPYS' LITTLE PAGES, wich deals with a hotchpotch of both. It's some kind of a scientific experiment: sex + stupidity = humor? And here it is: - it's on twitter, too: @PypysLittlePage

    P.S.: by the way, this is the blog of Toposodo Independent Productions and animation studio:

  4. hey carrieslager I checked out your blog. Pretty awesome I discovered all kinds of books I never heard of. I also left a suggestion for one of my favorite YA book series.

  5. Just so everyone knows, you can click on anyones profile picture to go to their blog. But, to make it really really easy, heres a link to mine.

  6. Oh and if you want polls (although maybe not as high tech as Polldaddy's, but still prety customizable and free) I found Also, could you please tell me if the checkboxes are showing up on mine? They don't show for me but I am using a PS Vita so maybe that's why. It should be the top post of my blog. Really hope I didn't manage to screw up copy and pasting html of all things

  7. dogg6, why don't you make your name active, saves you posting the link.

  8. My name is active.

  9. aaroncohenphotography

    I have a photography website filled with breathtaking photos that inspire me everyday and push me to keep holding onto my camera.

  10. Your pictures are really great aacohen97. I liked the sunset ones. And is that actually milk in the one picture?

  11. I am writing a skiing blog for a college communications class here:

    It would help me a lot with my final presentation to get comments from people on my posts and I'd love to meet you guys! Also, I follow back and take suggestions.

  12. happinessisnotadisease

    Helloooo WordPress Bloggers!
    I'm Jenn and I just started writing here yesterday. It's basically what goes on inside the head of a frustrated artist/sensible person/positively ranting lady. It would be amazing if you could visit my page any day and make some suggestions, I'd love return the favor. Anyway, happy writing to us all! :D

  13. Hi guys,

    Just to keep this thread going, I will add myself to the fold. Actually some of the blog sites I've visited on here are amazing.

    My blog is deliberately extremely random, as the name suggests lol.

    Please visit if you have time. I always appreciate comments/feedback. :)


  14. I have a news blog covering events and newsmakers on the Big Island of Hawaii. I started the blog 3 years ago when I worked as the news director of a commercial broadcast station. Since my retirement last September, I've been expanding and polishing the blog into more of an editorial and comment offering. Our island may be isolated, but some of the same crime, political, and economic issues you face are affecting Big Islanders as well. You can visit anytime--- Aloha, Russ Roberts

  15. narcissadeville1

    Cult of Racewood is my official blog about being a novelist. I blog mostly about self publishing, the writing process and experience and try to offer tips to other writers considering self publishing. In the coming months I'm hoping to add different things like tutorials on using In-Design and other helpful tips and tricks. Come check it out :D

  16. Hi!

    I mostly write about my travels but Ill also upload some music covers soon :)

    Feel free to drop by and leave some comments!


  17. Hi, I am a three-legged rescue dog who writes about humanity and the environment in which the humans live (from a dog's perspective, of course).

    Fans of photography, poetry, and philosophy will be especially happy with my blog, as well as nature-lovers.

    Check it out! Thanks!

  18. aaroncohenphotography

    @dogg6 yes, it actually is! :) I was amazed myself at how smooth it looked in the photo!

  19. Hi everyone,
    My blog is about becoming an Avon sales leader, starting from the very beginning and sharing my experiences along the way.
    Take a look at my latest blog:

    Thanks x

  20. Hi everyone,
    My blog is about everything we go through in life! Feel free to check it out!

  21. Hi

    Our Blog is quite new but we update it every day. It's called Hutch A Good Life. Oh and we are guinea pigs! Why not see the world from a cavy eye view?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  22. Hello,
    My blog is just place for me to express myself. And to share my life experiences. I write poems, short stories and also short pieces on things I've learnt and experienced in my life.
    Folllow me on
    Here's one of my scribbles :
    I have come to realize that true loyalty is hard to find nowadays. The reason? Because if someone is truly loyal to you, it means that at some point in that relationship, there will come a time that they will find themselves in a situation where they might have to go against popular opinion in your defence. they will need to be strong enough to stand up for you. Or they will need to put their needs aside and do what's best for you. They might need go up against someone else they are also "loyal" to in order to rectify a situation.

    Now days, people are not truly loyal to one another anymore. People are cowards, and human nature is sadly changing. Changing from protecting one another, to now protecting only themselves and protecting the image that they want to project onto others.

    Human's are living lie, they no longer feel the need to speak up for what they believe in, they instead speak up for what they might not believe in, just to get them closer to their goal . A goal that will one day leave them lonely, empty and regretful.

    Loyalty, compassion and honesty is what's makes us human, if we lose that, then what are we? a bunch of wild animals, always looking over our shoulders while we trample each other as we all race to the finish line? And then what? To enjoy the win alone, with no sounds of cheering or applause for your efforts!

    I would rather lose the race, and have people there to wipe away my tears, because I chose to lose, so that I could carry a friend who needed me, when the animals tried to trample them.

    Loyalty is hard to come by, if you are lucky enough to find it, hold onto it, treat it right and never let it go. And count yourself Blessed

  23. flowersofwhite

    Hi! I am writing a start to finish planning of our destination wedding. I am hoping to get other's ideas and suggestions on the topic especially if you have done one yourself! Right now I haven't gotten into the planning part, but I am letting you get to know us!

  24. I am the author of my blog 'A Thinker's Guide to Nonsense' which is a new title and a new outlook. I haven't posted for a while but I'm back with a new angle.
    I'm now talking, debating, and ranting about those crazy little things that happen in everyday life!
    It should be a fun journey so hop on board!

  25. Aspiring sports writer here. Please view my blog and give me honest feedback. And if you like it please refer others to view it. Im desperate for any opportunity and would love to get a following on my blog.

  26. Short of Stories

    A short film is among the best ways to introduce yourself into a film career. Besides developing your skills into the craft of filmmaking and screenwriting. Most people skip the phases and never reach the top. You don't need to be one of them. "Short of Stories" is a blog dedicated to studying the creation of scripts for short films. Think small. Think short

  27. Entertain Your PC

    There is a lot of creative stuff you can do with your computer for fun and possibly make a little bit of money in the process.

    Ever thought of inventing something, creating a work of art, or learning a new computer based hobby?

  28. I am a travel photographer and writer and run a travel blog as well as a website for showcasing my images. My blog is at and my photo website is

    Any comments and criticism are welcome and I'd be happy to visit your blog too.

    cheers, Bhaven

  29. Thanks everyone for all the views! A new writer joined my blog last week, and is writing gaming reviews each weekend. The first review is a Prototype 2 review. She also writes for her own blog at

  30. Today's post consisted of a rundown of a trip to the eastern United States.

    Read all about it and share if you've been to these destinations.


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