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  1. Sea Stories from East Asia
    This is a blog about my travels throughout South East Asia, while serving in the Navy

  2. Hey everyone, I've just started up a music blog where I'll be writing reviews of various albums, and I'll occasionally chuck up a bit of news on the music world. I'm hoping for it to eventually take off in some way, maybe even leading to an interesting job. Who knows?
    I've already posted one new review, and a few old ones that I wrote a while ago for fun.
    I'd appreciate any support :)

  3. Today we discussed 'senioritis' as the end of the school year approaches.

    Share your views at

  4. hi, my bog is all about me, my life and my stories from India, Mumbai the 70's.(a very interesting time with the old and the new merging) ... My family, my friends and a peak into the lives of people living in Mumbai in 70's.

    I post one every month. Would appreciate if i could get more views and reviews ...would help me write better :)

    my url:

  5. hermanvanbonphotography

    In July last year we moved from Robertson to Stanford; both in the Western Cape, South Africa. It was the best decision we made in years and we love it over here soooooooooo much that we decided, last month, to start a blog about our observations and experiences in this great small village. We enjoy it very much and we really do like to share it all with all of you.

    The URL is and of course you may 'follow'.

    Warm greetings from the "Best Village in South Africa"
    Yvonne & Herman

  6. Hey guys! My blog is mostly about human behavior and politics. I'm trying to make it as interesting, entertaining, and honest as possible. Check it out!

  7. A short film is among the best ways to introduce yourself into a film career. Besides developing your skills into the craft of filmmaking and screenwriting. Most people skip the phases and never reach the top. You don't need to be one of them. "Short of Stories" is a blog dedicated to studying the creation of scripts for short films. Think small. Think short. Visit Short of Stories

  8. my music site my blog is for people who like to share their music , if its home made band or studio record all for free you can signin with facebook or sign up with facebook please note all is free on the website

    how ever we also offer webhosting and, you can see that on website as well how it works

  9. Hi Everyone! My blog is called Diary Of A PHAT Kat
    ( ) My blog is filled with posts about movies, music, relationships, beauty, product reviews, recipes and so on. I blog several times a week. Also check out my husbands blog http://www.brentthegent, - highly recommended. He recently had a blog about How To How A Hamburger Properly that was freshly pressed last month.

    Feel free to let me know what you think about my blog and share yours with me as well!

    Cheers, Kat

  10. Correction - his site is

  11. What life was like in the 1980's. Cassette tapes, records, and basically everyone was always drunk.

  12. Yesterday me and my friend started a new blog about skepticism:

    I also have an art blog:
    And an inactive anime review blog:

  13. Hey everyone! Follow my blog :) just started it a couple days ago. It's about me getting in shape so I can join the military

  14. marcobigliazzi

    Well, this one is another little blog og mine: CARDBOARD TOWNS - about paintings, doodles, videos and other elegant devices to cover-up wall fissures. Enjoy - mb

  15. I am emeka Nd. I write articles on Relationships and Ideas; Quotes formed from my daily thoughts.

    Read this article to make your relationship stronger.

    "Red Lights of Relationship; why young people fail".

    Warning signs you feel or observe, which tell you something is wrong, or something undesirable will happen that will affect your relationship with someone. These signs are Red Lights of Relationship.

    Also, view GREAT Collection of Quotes are the original works of Ndefo, C.S., compiled over the years.

  16. Hi

    My blog is about the beauty of beer, I'd love to know what you think

  17. gonewiththesummer

    16-years old, burning the candle at both ends (:
    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, to see my bucket list and all the adventures that come along with it:
    Happy Summer!

  18. Hey,
    My blog is about my life and my thoughts. I'll try to post everyday or at least every other day. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or message me.


  19. Hello.
    I recently started a blogger account and so far im doing very well. I feel like people can read what i write and understand what Im going through as a Teen. but sadly i cant get any readers.
    please read my blog daily and if you have 1 ill gladly read yours and comment such and ETC...
    Email : [email redacted]

  20. My blog is mostly about my life and my thoughts, I am pretty new on this site so I don't have that much on it yet. As fast as I have finished school in two weeks I will also start doing reviews over anime and manga and possibly also books I have read and write about other stuff I think are interesting. I will also post stories that I have written myself and a lot of other stuff. So my blog will be filled with a lot of stuff. But at the moment it is only a blog over my life.


    Comedy blog, would appreciate people popping bye and will reciprocate. Thanks.

  22. My blog is about fashion....check it out

  23. dribblingpensioner

    Hello, have a look, you may like my blog.

  24. i just now started on this blog a couple days ago so im still kinda new here. im really interested in seeing everybodys blogs so ya'll should come check me out :)

  25. "Your poetry is magnificent, great simile and metaphor. Clearly a woman of talent keep the fine work up."

    "Well done for sharing your poetry with the world, I like it! You write on some very varied themes too! Keep up the good work."

    "I am very pleased. I am also glad to have been touched. The discovery of a site like yours lights up affinities we might otherwise not have know about but it is the poetic way to be able to reveal from inside rather than externally what is really there!"

    I blog once a day. I have 5 content pages and 2 thank you pages to my followers.

    I incorporate my original photography, prose, and poetry.

    My blog is a teen romance, paranormal, dragon story.

    The blog's address is

    Any feedback would be awesome!

    Thank you!
    Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh

  26. I linked my blog a day or two ago in this very thread, but have sinced moved the blog to a new url.

    Please check out if you have a sense of humour! The blog design is still to be completed, but the content is there for you to read. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

  27. My blog is full of poems and essays and stuff about my life. If you care, this is the link to it. A Random Place for Anything
    Thank you!

  28. I have a new blog I started a couple of months ago that I use to write product reviews. I do not get very many visits, and wanted everyone to check it out and tell me what you think. What is it lacking? What does it need?

  29. There is a lot of creative stuff you can do with your computer for fun and possibly make a little bit of money in the process.

  30. I'm a nineteen year old college student.
    My blog is about love, live, and all the stupid stuff that goes along with it. (:

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