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  1. thevirtualhuman

    My live TED conference blog: 7 major TED conferences, approximately 500 talks... in English... Just for fun! :-)

  2. I write about sports and music, the Olympics, my obsession with the courteeners and my time travelling Europe with my pops :) I'm new to this though so help me out :)


    Hi! My name is Kara, and I love to write. I write a lot of prose and some other things. I love nature, so you'll see that in a lot of my writing.

    I posted my blog because I want people to critique my work. I want stronger writers to help me advance and show me things that I could do differently. I am hungry to learn, and interested in what others have to offer!

    I have just recently reopened my account, but depending on how much people like my work, or how responsive people are, I do not know how much I will be blogging. I'd like to do it daily, but I wouldn't want to put it online if no one were to read it! :)

    Let me know your thoughts, your input!

  4. foghornunicorn

    I am writing about crazy people and things in my life that amuse me. Recently, I got a ridiculous work voicemail that I animated with Reba McEntire cut outs. I did a post on it, here it is-
    I guess I'm just writing stuff out here into nothingness because I like to giggle about randomness. :D

  5. Hey, my name is Bill Novak and I love sports. I watch them, play them, and talk about them 95% of my day. I decided to make this blog because I am an aspiring sports writer, and would like to spread my knowledge of sports to YOU! So swing by my blog and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

  6. Hi I'm a seventeen year old blogger, I have a cool nipple piercing so I think you should check out my blog
    Let me know what you think

  7. Hello! I'm new and my blog is basically a journal of my journey as I pursue my modeling career. Like I said it's new so there's not too many posts yet, but let me know what you think! Thanks guys!


  8. jennifermcgeeney

    Here is my blog about post-university confusion, thoughts about life and the adventure of embarking on a year of trying to make it as a writer. I felt this would be a good way to document what I am doing, preserve memories and force myself to write even on those days on which I am bound to experience writer's block. Please share and enjoy:

  9. Here's my blog about things that happen while raising my son, my amigurumi projects that I sometimes do, and trying to lose weight on the p90x/insanity hybrid work out program while on a very tight budget. I'm kind of new to the whole blogging world but thought this would mainly be a good way to motivate myself and others going through workout programs, also being a first time mom I thought it would be cute to keep a blog of things that happen with my son. Stop by my blog and read, share, and enjoy. Thanks

  10. Guess it didn't post last time.

  11. Hey,

    So i'm pretty new to te blog-thing. (Although there are some seriously funny ones in this thread!)

    I've got articles like The Chode List (a weekly run down of 6 things I can't stand). I'll be posting every day or two?

    Its misery, cynicism and stand-up comedy style writing... very brittish... very dry..


  12. Hi,

    I'm a 21 year old graduate embarking on the daunting path of breaking into Journalism. My blog is predominantly editorial/comment articles about things I find infuriating, ridiculous, unfair or just plain interesting.

    I appreciate all kinds of feedback as I see this blog as a way of improving on my writing skills.


  13. Hey Fellow bloogers I'm new and I just started a few minutes ago and I'm going to blog about whats been going on in the crazy mind/ life of an crazy 15 year old. I'll probably do ictures, stories, poems,movie, book review since I'mma book neeerd

  14. Hey Fellow bloogers I'm new and I just started a few minutes ago and I'm going to blog about whats been going on in the crazy mind/ life of an crazy 15 year old. I'll probably do ictures, stories, poems,movie, book review since I'mma book neeerd

  15. Oh follow me and read my blog and I will definatley read and follow you

  16. Hi I'm write YA stories and personal post about my life, interests, YA books, and music. I love reading book reviews and learning about hilarious life events. Check out my blog and I'll check out yours :)

  17. I write at Margin Matters about Co-Parenting the non-traditional way-which is never married versus divorced, Women's Rights and multiracial parenting.

  18. Hi, My blog is called EVERYDAYTHINGSETC and it covers design, art, tech, economics and facts etc. Stuff I like I guess. It's well worth a look.

  19. vogliaviaggiare

  20. Hi! I am new to the blogging scene and of course, would like to showcase what I write about! I am a single multi ethnic woman who will be writing in my "Diaries of an Almost Angry Mixed Lady". There is no rhyme or reason to anything I may write...just a deep love of humanity and life!


  21. Oops, I forgot to add my link...:-) www.

  22. I'm new to wordpress. I'm an animation student at an art academy in the Netherlands. I post about my work, animations and illustrations. I don't have many posts yet, but I plan on updating frequently. I'm currently working on a new short animated film and I'll be posting concept art, model sheets etc.

    I also would like to know if there are more illustrators and animators on here, I'd love to follow them. If you are one or know one, let me know!

    This is my blog: Please check it out! (:

  23. Hi everyone :) I just started yesterday and would love any advice/suggestions. I've decided to create a blog that, although isn't very original, shares my favorite recipes and discusses food in general. I don't have any professional experience but I'm Greek; food is in my DNA. I'll be posting appetizers, entrees, and desserts, along with food-related gifts and party favors. Let me know what you think!

  24. Hello everyone!
    I am somewhat new to the blogging world and I have started a foodie blog called "The Seasoned Pantry" I cover all kinds of recipes and critique different restaurants. I would love to know what people think and if anyone tries the recipes, I would love to get some feedback. I am not a professional when it comes to my food blog, I'm just myself and love to cook. I hope you all enjoy it and I'll appreciate the feedback. Thank You! :)

  25. Hi everyone!

    This is my first blog and it is called "Gone Shark Spotting". It is all about sharks - factfiles, news updates, diving info, info on attacks etc and I hope to highlight how endangered these creatures really are. I've not done this before so even if you just have a look and give me some feedback on how I could improve it would be much appreciated :)

    Thank you!

  26. I'm the author of this blog:

    It's about my life being involved with someone in the military. I generally post at least every couple of days.

  27. Hi!

    I blog at Go Ger Go!

    I've been blogging about my life and favourite foods for about one month and i'd love for more people to come interact with me and comment etc...

    I'm a 28 y.o. Irish gal, currently completing my Masters. I'm actually doing my dissertation on the subject of blogs! Anyway, I like to read, I love fashion, movies, music and going on adventures in my car.

    Come visit!

  28. hi konica, ive created a new blog for all those who loves crafts and scrapbooking and i would like to make some plz guys do visit the blog and share me your can also sneak a peek into my first blog and be my friend.
    thanks and happy blogging!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  29. Hey there! I just joined this site the yesterday & so far I'm loving it. I would love to have more readers and get a follower or a few. Basically, I talk about random stuff from guys to well, life lessons & whatnot. Warning; I do tend to swear so if you mind swearing then this is not for you but it might give you a good laugh :)
    Please check it out!

  30. Stories, poems, prose and just-for-fun all written for the herds, masses, few or none...wisdom spouting from a humble, enlightened, proud or boastful tongue...whatever man, it's just another song to be written, played, hummed, or sung...reality realigned under the same, old, new, constant, glorious sun.

    Happy reading!

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