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  1. jennifermcgeeney

    Hey all,
    Just posted my latest blog post in my blog about post-university life, trying to make it as a writer, being young and just generally trying to make sense of life. i would appreciate any readers, comments, followers. If you want me to follow your blog too just let me know and i'll be happy to.

    Here it is:

  2. Newbie to the Blogosphere here. I write music reviews (I'm mostly a pop/rock kind of guy) that touch on sound quality as well as musical content, with some personal anecdotes thrown in now and then for good measure. I'm even tossing around the idea of doing some equipment reviews and general Hi-Fi/home theater news tidbits. If you're at all interested in music, check it out and let me know what you think!

  3. I'm a teenager blogging about the up and downs of teenage relationships, or the lack of a relationship. I make it relatable and real. Just started, check it out

  4. lI have a blog about my life. I talk about how I'm getting ready to go for my senior year in high school and choosing what college is for me. Really just about how I'm transitioning for a teen to an adult. And I have another blog which is strictly just about my photography.

    My personal blog:
    My photography blog:
    Guereca Photography

  5. I have a blog revolves around art. I post my art, the photos that I take in my daily life and I feature art from other artists.


  6. I have a fashion/styling blog!

  7. Hello Fellow Bloggers!

    Just wanted to stop by and share my blog with you; I just started a 30 Day Challenge which much to my surprise is not as easy as I thought! YIKES! Stop by say hi, become a Fannie, share my posts or offer advice! I hope to see ya! SaassyT

    Diary of a Crazy Woman

  8. notadamselindistress

    Hey there. :)

    I just started this blog for my writing (short stories and essays, mostly). It's actually for an English project, so any comments, likes, follows, or suggestions at all would be really appreciated!

  9. martinstake128

    Hello all. I'm a tennis enthusiast. I post regularly on my site (URL at bottom) concerning tennis from pros to weekend warriors. I've been an instructor for 29 years. I remain as passionate about the game now as ever.
    If you enjoy tennis, please take a look at my blog. Hope it appeals to you, is informative for you, or just entertains you a little.

  10. Nonsense, absolute hysterical nonsense. Would love for you guys to check it out. You'll chuckle, guaranteed.

    Here's the newest post:

    Drinking Ain’t What It Used to Be: The De-Inebriation of Society with Its Dishonorable Alcoholics and Their Partiality towards Substandard Drinks

  11. mystudentstruggles

    I've just finished my first year at uni studying sociology and education. Started blogging last month, generally about sociological issues, a few book reviews, recipes and odd comments about the news. Feel free to drop by and comment :D

  12. dribblingpensioner

  13. I write poetry and random things that I feel in my blog, soon I will post some of my songs and videos (:

  14. Hello everyone!

    I'm Bees Alive!

    I recently switched over to WordPress from SBI for several reasons, and I am much happier. I have several static pages that migrated over, and then I added a blog to keep things fresh.

    I write about my passion - bees! I travel and explore a fair amount, and I write about and post photos of bees. I also rely upon guest contributions as I'm not rich enough to travel everywhere... My purpose is to inspire interest and awareness of bees and the beautiful and important role they play in our food system and environment. Please visit, enjoy and if you have some great photos of bees, please send them my way!

  15. Modeling/Photography Blog

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm a model in the Chicago area and I blog about my life as an aspireing model. There are many pictures from my shoots, links to my facebooks, and links to the awesome photographers who take my photos. Please follow if you like! And if you think you have a blog I would be interested in, leave a comment and let me know.

  16. Hello!
    I'm a teen from Argentina, and started this blog a week ago. Been having fun aruond here. I still don't have a definite direction for it, other than I will be writting about what I think are interesting topics (politics, history, my country, thoughts, silly thoughts, etc.) mostly in english, and will be uploading short stories and the like in spanish.
    So, if you'd like, do take a look at Block Usado, and leave your opinion.

    Other than publicity, I'd like to say there's truly interesting stuff going on here!! I'll be checking some blogs that were posted here later~


  17. Call me Mattie.
    I am an almost teen blogger with my blog Through the Eyes. So if you're interested in a tween's musings, rants, life, and works, drop by!

  18. Call me Mattie.
    I am an almost teen blogger with my blog Through the Eyes. So if you're interested in a tween's musings, rants, life, and works, drop by!

  19. simplepolitiks

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a college student running a political blog called SimplePolitiks. My political blog is centered on morals and integrity, in addition to the facts. I am in Independent so I have no loyalties to either side. You'll see a wide range of topics on my blog! Come check it out! Thanks!

  20. writinginafrenzy

    Hey all!

    My name's Laurence and I'm a blogaholic . . . (Sorry for that horrible joke. Just ignore it). Uh . . . I started it about a month or so ago and I write about writing, since I consider myself a writer. I'm currently starting to post a story about heroes and villains and everyone having superpowers and stuff and junk and . . . yeah (Note that my stories will most likely contain swearing, if you're okay with that). I sometimes rant about writing related stuff which I keep swear-free.

    Some stuff about myself? Alright. I'm eighteen, I'm a guy, I'm from England. Super interesting! :D So here's my blog guys. It's calledWriting In A Frenzy and I hope you can check it out! If even just to tell me it's horrible. See you guys and thanks. :)

  21. 101problems

    I'm kind of new to this site, just started a few hours ago but basically my blog is just about expressing myself, life lessons, and other misadventures <3

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