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  1. Tried it, did not work. None of the things you mentioned like cleaning and squeezing or even the Health checkup menu were in the version I downloaded. The options were no different from those you can find in each browser's settings.
    Regardless, if WordPress has really fixed this like csonnek said, I shouldn't have to go through all this. It should just work, no?

  2. Correct. I have tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. @th3prodigalson - thank you for the update. I'm going to have one of our developers take a closer look and I will get back to you once I have more information.

    Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

  4. Can you verify you have Compatibility Mode turned off in IE10?


  5. I can't turn on Compatibility Mode for WordPress in IE10, at least not for the main site ( and my blog. Some blogs I've visited have the option; I assume this is because of the themes they use. I doubt the issue is with Compatibility Mode, or IE for that matter. Chrome, Firefox and Opera all have this issue on my computer.

  6. I don't doubt it at all because we have had many bloggers whose issues are gone when they disable compatibility view on IE. For example on IE9 when you engage compatibility view guess what it does? It makes the IE9 browser render as ... wait for it ... IE7, which of course is not supported and has not been supported since 2011.

  7. I understand. What I'm saying is that the option to even turn on Compatibility View does not exist for WordPress. Its a little broken page icon in the address bar; I see it when I visit some other sites, even some WordPress hosted blogs. But when I visit, or any page (like this one) in the domain, the icon is not there. This means that IE does not detect any issues with the code on the page, and believes it can render it properly. I can't turn off something I never turned on.

  8. I also can't see how turning on Compatibility View in IE would affect the way Chrome renders a page. The problem persists regardless of browser. Unless of course it's different issues manifesting the same way in the different browsers, which is something that just occurred to me and sounds like a tough problem to resolve.

  9. @th3prodigalson: We're trying to troubleshoot and eliminate all known issues to narrow down the problem you are having.

    You would need to disable compatibility view on WordPress sites, not Try disabling it on your site and let me know if the Like buttons load properly.

    Otherwise, I'll get back to you once I have more information. Thanks!

  10. Hi,

    One possible issue not yet thought of could be the theme. I suggest reverting to a default theme, giving it a try and coming back to the usual theme, and then trying again.

  11. @csonnek, I don't have compatibility view set for my blog. I can't set it. The icon does not appear when I'm on my blog.
    @meylodie. That wouldn't work. The issue exists regardless of blog or browser, unless you expect everyone to change their themes. For good measure I tried it anyway, and the inability to Like posts persisted across themes

  12. Just a friendly reminder that this issue is yet to be resolved. We've gone a couple of weeks without an update, and I haven't seen any changes in any of the sites I visit.

  13. Hi there!

    Yes, I know that it is still not resolved and I've contacted our developers to see if they have any new information.

    Thanks for being patient while we try to sort this out.

  14. Another friendly reminder.... ;-)

  15. Hi there - could you please let me know if you also have trouble loading notifications from the admin bar at the top right while you're logged in, in addition to the Likes issue?

    Our developers would also like to have you try looking at the browser's JavaScript console so we can see if there are any errors.

    Could you please open Chrome and follow our guide for opening the JavaScript console:

    Once the console is open, please try clicking the Like button on a post or page.

    Take one or more screenshots of the console window - as many as is needed to get the entire contents of the window - and upload it in your Media Library so we can have a look.

    Thanks very much.

  16. Thanks for all your help. It seems I have inadvertently solved my problem. I am not currently at home and the issue with the Like buttons seems to have resolved itself, on all browsers. I think the issue is/was with my internet provider (Comcast), which sounds odd but is literally the only thing I have changed on my computer. The button loads and I can view all the likes on every post. I think "tentatively" that the problem is gone.

  17. How odd, but I'm glad to hear the Likes are working for you now! If you have any more trouble with them, just let us know.

  18. Will do. Thank you very much!

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