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Shares in the Stats

  1. Just wondering, on the stats page down in the bottom left-hand corner where it lists subscriptions, etc, and you click on the Shares tab, is that per day? Or Ever? Or what?

    I never noticed it before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Judging from the small numbers on mine, it appears to be per day's figures. On a side note, I wish there's a share button that display page views for each blog post. That would be a cool stat box to have.

  3. That would be VERY cool.

  4. It would be just as cool to also include one of those 3-4 possibly related posts thumbnails that I often see in other non-WP blogs but that's something else altogether!

  5. That's the Nrelate plugin, I'm using it on one of my blogs, and it doesn't work very well with some themes. I had to disable it.

  6. If you click on the number of shares to view the details, it says Total Shares - not per day (just as the Spam tab next to Shares gives the total number of comments caught by Akismet).

  7. But it seems rather low to me, that's why I asked. I guess it only counts the shares run through the official share buttons, but heck, I made three posts today and used the button to Tweet and FB each of them, surely it would be a higher number by now you'd think!

  8. I have noticed that my FB share count doesn't work until I "Like" the post myself only then it gets updated with additional like count. Weird. I then log on to my FB Profile to delete the "post" I had just made. Slight inconvenience there.

  9. Ah, good catch. I've noticed it adding and then subtracting my Share. That would explain it.

  10. I have another beef with the Facebook share. When I Like my own post (can be any one, result is consistent) it picks an image from my sidebar instead of the first image from the post. This is so annoying. Does this happen to you too?

  11. It's happening to everyone.

  12. Apparently shares through smart buttons aren't coutned either, so it depends if you selected the smart buttons. I don't understand it, just know that was what I was told when I asked the question. :) I've given up on the shares, it makes no sense to me.

  13. Sigh! I don't mind whatever counts or doesn't count in shares but at least when someone likes your post, the right image is extracted and displayed on their wall. Back when I used Netty Gritty's social share mod, whenever someone liked a post, only the link is posted, no image and this was neat though lacking a little visual impact.

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