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  1. I have a question about the shares page.

    On my blog it only lists Facebook shares, yet the information on the page says "Just a note: we don't count shares from smart buttons, just the standard share links."

    Is Facebook the only standard share link? I thought any of the shares that come standard would be listed. I know posts have been shared via Twitter, but no Twitter hsares list. Stumlbe whatever-it-is has been a referrer, so I assume that has been a share as well.

    Just curious.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. As you probably know, for many sharing services, there are two types of buttons:
    - standard, which is just a link redirecting you to the service
    - smart, which is fancier-looking and usually displays the number of times the post/page was shared

    Now, this is my theory (perhaps someone can confirm).

    The standard link must be pretty easy to track, as it is hosted by
    However, the smart button is actually an iframe hosted by Facebook, Twitter, etc. When a visitor uses a smart button as opposed to a standard one, it's basically as if they had logged in to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and shared the link manually, which is probably why can't display the results.

  3. Hi Airodyssey,

    I knew the was a difference, but I thought all the buttons available on the Sahre settings of the Dashbord were considered "standard". It would appear perhaps they are not?

  4. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. For the sake of clarity: it's a question of choice. All the default services except Email, Print and Press This come with standard or smart versions, depending on which version you choose.

  5. Version? I don't get a choice about version! How come you do? That's not nice! LOL

    I'm talking about Dashboard >> Settings >> Sharing.

    There are then Available Services - with buttons for each. No choices of smart or standard, just one for Facebbok, one for Twitter, one for Stumble, etc.

    Drag and drop to Enabled Services.

    What am I missing?

  6. Drag and drop to Enabled services and then click on the little arrow, as explained here:

  7. Arrrrrrrrrrr - the light dawns. The user interface could be better. A cursor that looks like a "move" is not going to let a person thing they are clicking on a dropdown arrow!

    Thanks! Problem resolved!

  8. Glad I could help :-)

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