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shares suddenly show up as "zero"

  1. My share stats have suddenly disappeared. Any idea where they might have gone? Unhappy of the new design, have they found a new home? ;-)))

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine are also missing and I don't know why. However, Staff have been moving fatures and functions to the home page, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is what it going on but only Staff can confirm that.

  3. And it also says that Akismet has protected me from 42,922 spam comments!

  4. @robrubin
    It appears that Staff are working in the backend and what they are doing is connected to site stats. As I'm not at all clear on what your Akismet issue is or how it relates to this so will you please clarify what it is that you need help with?

  5. It is not so much as one needs help but suddenly my or robrubins Akismet stats have increased from hundreds to 40thou something. Not a complain. They are probably working to get things straight. Let's cut'em some slack. BTW, thanks for the link above. I wrote and notified them about the problem.

  6. @ebrulikedi
    Hello again,
    You're welcome.

  7. Hi. A similar issue - my Twitter follows stat disappeared. Any idea if they will put it back in Stats?

  8. Now, my shares are back but when I click on it, I cannot see the breakdown by entries. I think I should report this as well.

    @Nefertizahra, click the link timethief provided above and report your problem. It will be attended to like mine. Well, at least partially for the time being.

  9. Hi there! I am also having problems with the new design stats page, in that it no longer shows my share stats. If I click on the share link, it just brings me back to the stats home page. The Askimet/spam link also mistakenly claims to have protected me from over 40k spam comments.

  10. It claims this for whole wordpress.

  11. @mariapetre
    Has your issue been resolved?

  12. @nefertizahra
    Please contact Staff about your issue as we Volunteers cannot help you with it.

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