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ShareThis button - how to install (I have the .html code)

  1. pls send me suggestions? Also, I need to add the ShareThis and other applets to LinkedIn, and can't find how to add applets.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't post your email in a forum: nobody here will email you , but thousands of spammers will.

    And you can't add Applets or Plugins to a blog like yours. Use GetSocial instead.

  3. GetSocial doesn't run on MacOS

  4. @dunamisjc you can use Get Social with mac and Linux because The author of Get Social made a website that allows all computing platforms to use Get Social check it out for yourself. -->

  5. Take thesacredpath's advice. is super easy.

  6. I might be biased (I'm the author of GetSocial and GetSocial Live), but I think that all those one-size-fits-all buttons (such as AddThis and AddToAny) are merely perfunctorily solutions.

    I don't think that they really encourage people to submit your stories, and the additional click(s) that they require makes them undesired from the users' point of view. Once you click one of those buttons, you are confronted with a huge list of irrelevant networks and services you've never heard of. It misses on the point of saving time, and making the submission process more straight forward.

    I think most people are of an opportunistic nature: if they see something which is both obvious (recognizable logos, a clear call to action etc..) and easy to do (like 'Add to facebook' or 'Email to a friend') they might do it, but if it's more than one click, or something with an element of uncertainty it's a lost cause (again, all IMHO).

  7. @hillelstoler, those are valid points, and now that you have the "live" version which is platform independent, my vote would be for yours from a usability standpoint.

  8. Thanks! :)

  9. @saulman: I've removed your email address from your post for your security and freedom from spam :)

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