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  1. Can I share only one post for somebody to read?

    I want my friend to read this post but if I just share her the link, she can find a way to read another post right? So how can I let her read only the post I choose?

    Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Email it to her and don't provide your blog's URL when you do that.

  3. "Email it to her" you mean email what? Email the content? Or share the post via email?

  4. Your blog is private, correct?
    You can either make this person an official user of the blog:
    adding users
    user roles

    Or you can simply email a copy of the one post to her if you don't want here to be an official member of the blog.

  5. Your blog is private. Nobody who isn't an Invited user can read it. Invited users can read all published posts on that blog. Therefore you cannot invite your friend to read just one post. You'll have to copy it all into an email and email it to her.

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