sharing a link on facbook, the desired thumbnail is not an option.

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    I have made about 13 posts thus far, some with images and others with video. When I share a link on facebook I get a choice of only 8 thumbnails to represent my link even though there’s 24 images in the gallery.

    1. I’ve attached the particular image I want to my post, not inserted, just attached it to the post via the gallery.
    2. I’ve inserted the image to the post.

    Can I expand the choice of thumbnails or select my choice of thumbnails?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    There are numerous threads in the forum searchbox on this issue. I searched for you. The long and short of it is Publicize is NOT customizable. Manually posting to FB via your Sharing buttons works and allows you to choose the image. If you have FB sharing enabled, just click the FB button on your post and you get a pop-up page of FB where you can select the thumbnail. There’s a toggle you can use to go forwards or back to choose the image.

    Additional information and links:

    1. You can post a Facebook badge in your sidebar.
    2. You can also enable sharing buttons on your posts, pages and index pages.
    3. You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.
    4. You can set up Publicize >
    5. Alternatively you can use Networked Blogs or RSS Grafitti for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer.

    Happy blogging. :)


    I am not using publicize, I’ve tried it in the past and I only get two thumbnails, a WordPress logo and a default character image.

    Basically I just copy the URL of my blog and share it as a link on a groups page on facebook (I’m a member of this particular Group) , when I do this I get a selection of thumbnails with the toggle to move through them. The image I want to use is not there, however.

    I generate my own FB share button for my posts. When I share from a post directly to my FB profile I have no problems I get the image I need all the time. The issue arises when I’m on the groups page and try to share my blog as a link like mentioned above. I’ve also tried sharing the URL of a specific post, thumbnails don’t change.

    I hope I’m being clear enough to get the help I need!

    I will explore your suggested links for some help as well.




    You are clear and the numerous other who are posted are clear. The bottom line is that this is a long standing issue that we cannot help with beyond what I have posted above. If you wish you can approach Staff


    No need for that, I hope you did not infer that you were not helping. I just wanted to make sure I was being clear on my end.

    I appreciate your responses.

    Again, Thank You



    I’m sorry I could not be more helpful. :( Facebook seems to change settings almost as frequently as I change socks (every day) lol :D, and when I see see threads posted on this issue I have strongly inclined not to post into them at all.

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