Sharing blog content with readers in China

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    I managed to get my blog content delivered to a friend in Beijing where blogs are blocked. Feedburner service is also blocked unfortunately. A work around to this is to manually subscribe the viewer’s email address. e.g. … I’m happy to report a moment ago, a new blog post got delivered to my friend via a Gmail subscription. While this method doesn’t help with blog traffic, it does let you grow your audience one Feedburner subscription at a time.

    The blog I need help with is



    Good Luck!



    our blog seems to be blocked in Shenzhen. I assume it is blocked elsewhere in China, too. I asked a friend in Hong Kong to access it and wait for his reply.



    Unfortunately, we have no control over how and when China chooses to block blogs.

    You can try using a proxy to access the blog. provides a list of some options that you may be able to explore and/or use.

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