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Sharing blogmastering or takin' control

  1. I was amused to learn that my partner's daughter went through a phase of wrestling blogmastering with her boyfriend who is an artist.

    She found she had to take over the development of his blog to promote his artwork but until she realized his blog work was haphazard and inconsistent.

    Sme time this year, I will be showing my partner more on how to post, etc. I'm not worried about his blog crashing since he is consistent in technical matters. He has had his own web site and looked after it.

    Now, editing his content I might have to give up, no matter how tough. He just has a tendency to write in third voice and uses way more inactive verbs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In any relationship we have to develop the ability to know in advance which battles are worth fighting. I don't enter any battles ever. When someone close to me wanted to have a website, I laid out my conditions in writing and made it clear I was not open to negotiation onany of them. The offer was take it or leave it.The choice was either accept my conitions or hire someone else and don't discuss this with me at all. I created a lovely website and our relationship is not in anyway affected by that activity. If it was I'd simply walk away from the website and not the person.

  3. One of the reasons why I have my own personal blog vs. developing blogs for other folks.

    I consider the effort I've given to his company blog a fair exchange for all the mechanical stuff he did for my bikes (I have 4 bikes) and around home, etc. The good thing is that I have taken his and mine photos whenever it suited, to accompany posts in 3 different blogs.

    I don't think of his vs. my personal digital photo collections. I treat our collections as 1 whole resource collection but I make sure original creator attribute is given. Which means it's a huge collection of personal photos. No wonder, why it takes time for me to select photos at times.

    I am not sure if there is anyone else on this forum, who has a joint partnership with another family member for creating blog posts, but it's worked fine so far.

    I know the "voice" I give to 3rd wave cycling blog is distinctly different voice than his --I tend to write in a more personal style on topics that aren't pure technical topics. (I can't write with real passion on technical topics. I already deal with technical matters to a certain extent, in my paid job anyway.)

    I know as a woman cyclist and as a non-white, this also probably gives his blog a more multi-faceted dimension. I know for certain, some of my specific blog posts on certain topics continue to draw blog traffic. Same for some of his blog post topics.

  4. In my opinion a diversity of voices, in that they are distinct and not always aligned, is a distinct benefit for a blog.

    Frankly, people LOVE the idea of anything non-conformist, and two people on one site who don't always agree is amazing and fascinating.

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