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    Thanks for the inclusion of sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, etc. LinkedIn is missing from the list — it would be ideal if included. Also, the print function needs some work: right now, when you use the print button, it prints the entry plus the side columns. It would be fantastic if it printed only the selected blog entry (e.g., the category cloud is of no use when you print a blog entry), so that a half page blog entry does not become 3 pages when printed.

    The blog I need help with is



    Let me “ditto” your remarks. Printing 4 pages with background color is not up to’s standards. I will use the Print Sharing function just as soon as this is fixed, but thank you WordPress for at least trying and keeping us interested out here.



    I found this thread only a month later but I thought you might be interested in solutions.

    It’s actually very easy to add a missing sharing service. Follow the instructions on the Support documentation:

    This is the information you need under “Sharing URL”:

    I replaced’s default Print option with a PrintFriendly service. That way, my visitors get a nice, clean version of my website they can print and even customize before printing.

    Same steps as above and this is the information you need under “Sharing URL”:

    Hope it helps!

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