Sharing button in gallery and carrousel ?

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    Hi! If I enable the carrousel for my gallery the sharing buttons are not shown under each individual picture anymore. Is there a way to fix this? I am using the modularity lite theme. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Anyone has a clue?



    If you want sharing buttons to appear for your Media, you need to enable it under “Dashboard>Settings>Sharing”>Show buttons on” and check the box for “Media”. Remember to click the save your changes button.



    Hm, and I am noting that even after enabling the sharing buttons are only showing up on image Attachment pages and not in the Photo Carousel, so I will tag this for Staff assistance.


    Thanks but that box is already checked. These sharing buttons do show up under each photo of a gallery when the carrousel is not enabled. I prefer to enable the carrousel because it looks better and the size of the pictures are ajusted to fit the screen as opposed to the ”regular” gallery where one has to scroll to see the image from top to bottom…
    But then again I do loose the sharing buttons with the carrousel enabled, that is the problem.


    Thanks! Sorry for the repetition, we wrote at the same time…



    The sharing buttons are not yet part of Carousel, but I have made note of the request, so they might make it in the next update.


    Ok, thanks!



    You’re welcome!

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