Sharing Buttons Unavailable On Second Blog

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    When I go to settings, sharing I can only add a sharing button to email or print an article. What happened to the Google+ button, Facebook buttons, Twitter buttons etc?

    I have tried changing the theme of the site thinking their incompatible with the layout I chose but still no sharing buttons.

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s a private blog. For obvious reasons, sharing is disabled.


    Even when setting the theme to Mystique on second blog (as it is on first blog) it’s no good. In settings for sharing under Available Services all it had was E-mail and Print. There are no other buttons for me to drag and drop to add to Enabled Services.


    Oh okay! That explains it. Weird though I have a private blog on Blogger that no search engine can find and doesn’t show up in Blogger results but still I’m able to have social features there. Thanks for the help.


    As raincoaster said private blogs have fewer sharing options.

    Many of the Available Services are missing from the selection on the sharing settings page. If your blog is private, you will see fewer number of services listed.

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