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    I just tried to post about my favorite blog, also hosted by wordpress, and when I clicked his share button and went through the steps to Press This, all that showed up on my blog was a link, not the visual sample I was hoping for. Is there a way that I can show all or part of the post I was attempting to link to on my blog? I feel like this should be really easy and I’m just missing something.

    The blog I need help with is



    Re:Press This
    You need to use the instructions for your blog.
    This is the announcement >
    These are instructions >



    If it’s another blog, don’t use Press This. Use Reblog. You have to Like the post first, and then you get the Reblog option. It gives an image and the first 75 words of the post, plus a link.

    Reblogging: versus Tumblr


    Also, PressThis was broken in wordpress core until just very recently. It was fixed just before RC1 came out. It had been broken for all of the 3.1 beta and probably before.

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