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    I am using a free WordPress hosted site and am hoping to incorporate sharing capability for my images, primarily my images uploaded using WordPress’ gallery feature.

    I’ve noticed in “sharing settings” that I may share posts, pages, and media to a number of services, however, so far I have not found this to be the case when it comes to gallery images. Is my assumption correct?

    I have also noticed on pages with multiple (non-gallery) images, that WordPress’ Pinterest integration will not allow the user to select which image to pin. This is unfortunate.

    I would like to hope that I am wrong in both assessments- but assuming I am correct:

    • Is there a practical workaround for either issue?
    • If not, I’d like to suggest these abilities be possible in the future

    Thanks in advance for your help and feedback

    The blog I need help with is


    Anyone out there? Bueller?



    Hi. Currently sites do not allow for Pining anything more than one image via the Settings>Sharing button for Pinterest. Which is rubbish, and the reason I’m now considering moving my site to a self-hosted WordPress installation


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