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Sharing image code

  1. Is there a way to let someone have access to an image on my blog? Say I upload an image, post it and then can I also post the code so someone else can post one of my uploaded images on their blog? If so, how do I do that? And what would they need to do? Maybe I should say it'd be an animated smiley .gif, I don't know if that would make a difference.

  2. I think pretty much anybody can already click on an image and copy it (right click, save picture as...). If you want, you can just put some text there saying "it's okay to save this to your computer or post it." Otherwise of course, some people will respect your copyright and assume you don't want it copied.

  3. Just copy and paste the URL for the image within a post. As long as you don't put it into an img tag, it will display as regular text.


  4. I have posted a smiley here along with the suggested code, can anyone tell me if that is right and are they able to take that code, insert it in their post and does the smiley appear? Thanks.

  5. another possibility is to put the code between <*code><*/code> tags (without the *).

    It would look like this when you uses that:
    <img src="link to your picture">

  6. OK. I have tried it with the <code> tags, can anyone tell me if that works? thanks

  7. No, it doesn't. All I'm seeing in Firefox is the URL of the image twice. Mind you, if people know what they're doing, they can take that and run with it. If they don't know how to use code to post and they don't know how to put the URL in the visual editor, I'm not sure that anything you can do would help them.

  8. I didn't think it worked. Are you able to run with it and get it to work? If so what did you do? Any other ideas on how to make it work?

  9. You got it to work just fine. I see the laughing smiley, then I see the text twice. Obviously you posted the smiley itself correctly. And under it, you posted the URL that other people will need to post it. I could take it and post it in my blog using that URL too. I would go:
    { img src="" } and that should work, replacing the curvy parenthesis with pointy brackets. But anyone who wants to post a smiley should know how to do that code; it's really, really basic.

  10. Yeah, I just tried to get it to work for someone and all it did was post a box where the graphic should be but the smiley didn't appear. Just wondered if it was something I did wrong or if it was because it was a file I uploaded to my blog and was protected somehow.

    So if someone takes the second URL and pastes into a post the smiley will appear?

  11. No.

    They need to use the code I showed you above. That's not what I'm seeing on your blog; I just see the URL twice, in two different fonts. And if they're using a blog they need to put that code in the Code editor, not the Visual editor.

    See, it is WAY easier to give people the URL and let them learn how to use the code than it is to try to make it foolproof for everybody. You can go insane trying to make it work for other people, when what you could do is say: here's the image and I'm going to let you use it and hotlink all you want, but you have to know how to use what I give you.

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