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Sharing images between blogs?

  1. If I have two WordPress blogs, can I upload an image from my first blog and add it to a post or page in my second blog? I have a lot of images in my primary blog and I would like to use some of them in my second blog. Thanks.

  2. Yes, just use the URL of the image. To find the URL, go to Manage->Uploads, find the picture you want, and click on it. The URL will be in a box on the right.

  3. Wow, it's so simple I feel stupid. If it hadn't been so early (and if I'd had more coffee), I bet I could have figured this out myself. Thanks a lot judyb12.

  4. Not all websites allow you to hotlink images in this way; Blogger for one does not. It always makes sense to ask.

    Also, having more than one blog is a clever way to max out your webspace for uploads.

  5. You're welcome ;)

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