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    I have the two identically looking sites, one in German one in English. The blogs are about the same subjects, go up at the same time and look alike. They also share the same images. How do I share them from one to the other, so that I do not have to upload them twice for every blog post?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi ravenowl1,

    You will have to share them individually, there’s not plugin or script that can assist with it. I found a similar post to yours as well for further explanation.



    I understand the spam argument eallas, so it looks like I have to double my work. The main thing is that I cannot have English readers reading my German posts and vice versa, even if they are about the same or similar topics. So I guess wordpress is just making it extra difficult.
    Where texts are concerned, I can understand – no problem there since I am already uploading different content. Where pictures are concerned it makes no sense at all.
    I suppose that’s all a problem because we are using a free service, so this is the draw back.
    Thanks for the info anyway.




    Yeah. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it currently works. creates these rules. If you wanted to opt for software plugin hosted elsewhere or talking to a Happiness Engineer to learn about other solutions, that can help. Maybe you could suggest integrated multilingual options for blogs.

    You’re welcome and good luck!

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