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Sharing links not showing

  1. I installed the sharing plug in, but do not see the buttons on any pages - Front Page, Posts, Pages, all checked. My blog is public
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, I just visited your blog at and the sharing buttons are showing up for me. Looks like you've got it to work, but let me know if you need further assistance!

  3. Where do you see them? They are not showing up for me.

  4. I see them on your homepage and pretty much on every page of your site:

    I did notice that they are not showing up on this specific post:

    I'm looking more into this, in the meantime, could you please make sure you have all the available options checked under Sharing settings?

  5. For this post - go into Edit Post screen, then scroll down below the post and make "Show sharing options" is checked under "Sharing" and let me know if that brings up the sharing buttons for that post, too.

  6. Jenia, 'Show sharing' was checked. I still don't see the share links anywhere.

  7. Jenia, I went through all the pages and posts (fortunately not that many) and all were checked to "show sharing" :(

  8. That's strange, which browser and what version are you using? Could you please upload a screenshot of how the homepage looks for you (showing the area under the post where the sharing links are supposed to be)? Does it happen in all the browsers for you?

  9. Jenia,
    Seem to all be there now on all posts & pages - Miracle - ha! Thanks for your help!

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