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Sharing music on posts via Spotify

  1. I liked the sound of Spotify and thought sharing a music track on some posts would be good. However,it seems that if I did share a track from Spotify to a post, a reader who goes to listen to the track would have to join Spotify first (if they are not already a member). Can you please confirm this? I will not be sharing tracks from Spotify if that is the case because I think that readers would be really annoyed and then just leave ( I know I would). I have tried to get an answer from Spotify but have not been successful. Thanks for when you get to my question. Bruce
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  2. Here is the info from the Support docs on embedding spotify in your posts

    I can tell you that Spotify is only available in certain countries, so if you have an international audience on your blog, some of your visitors will not be able to listen. Here's the list of currently available countries

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer JustJennifer; my question still remains though.

    If a reader decides to listen to the track I wish to share, I think they will be greeted by a Log In or Join Up window when they click to listen to the track. This is not my best idea of sharing and I'm wondering if anyone has already been down this path.

    I will set up a trial post I think, publish and share a track then have a friend visit and try to play it. The friend does not have a Spotify a/c. If they have to join I won't be sharing via Spotify.

    I went to share a track with my daughter a couple of days ago on Facebook. We are both on Facebook, she doesn't have Spotify. When she went to play the track she had to either Sign Up or Log In with her Facebook a/c (she doesn't want an a/c with Spotify).

    If this is the case with all sharing via Spotify, it appears that I would only be sharing on WordPress, with those already with Spotify (kind of self defeating) or, the reader/listener willing to join up.

    I think a lot of readers/visitors to a blog would be annoyed by that and maybe (understandly) even click off to another site.

    This therefore is my problem


  4. I think the Spotify forums will have your answer.

  5. Thanks Raincoaster but I think not. If you find one I'll go there.

    I've tried to get an answer that way already but haven't located the subject of which I speak.

    I just want to know if a visitor to my blog will be forced to join Facebook/Spotify in order to listen to a track I thought would be good to share.

    That's it in a nutshell.

    Hopefully someone can confirm what I already think; that is, a reader would be forced to join Facebook/Spotify to listen to a track. If that is correct, I think a lot of readers will be cheesed off and then click off!

    Regards, Bruce

  6. Why don't you log out from Spotify and Facebook, clear your browser cache, and try playing the music?

  7. Thanks raincoaster; done all that.

    I don't think I'm making myself clear somehow, so I'll leave it and just use YouTube to share a track or two on a post.


  8. Spotify has designed their embed to really only be of use to Spotify users. Basically, playing an embedded song will launch the Spotify application. This is by their design.

    On the bright side, anyone in a supported country can sign up for a Spotify account for free.

  9. I don't think I'm making myself clear somehow

    You're making your question known, but you're not understanding the answers given.

    No one here knows. You'll have to ask over there, wherever there is.

    Would you expect someone at Burger King to be able to answer questions about Olive Garden?

  10. Just speculating, but Spotify has to pay someone for the right to stream the audio, and they only make money from users who pay for subscriptions or view the in-app ads.

    Allowing folks to embed entire songs for anyone to hear outside of the Spotify app kind of defeats the purpose of their business.

  11. There is, however, no reason you have to use Spotify. It has some nice features, but you can either host the mp3 somewhere like Fileden or you can buy the space upgrade and host it here. The easiest way to share music I don't have the copyrightfor, I find is just embedding the YouTube.

  12. To MacManx; thank you. That was all I needed to know, problem solved with your first reply.

    I signed up to Spotify a little while ago and wanted to share Spotify tracks but had a question about their method of sharing. You have now simply answered it.

    To TimeThief and others contributing; Thank you for contributing; I know starting another thread doesn't change answers etc, I figured I was probably expressing myself poorly and thus decided to finish the exercise.

    I decided to contact Support but was having trouble getting there and I'm having trouble navigating within WordPress at the moment.

    To Support; apology's for my frustration; help has always been great before. My requests may keep coming because I kept getting Server warnings when trying to submit my questions. I have a lot of repeat emails at the moment.

    Once again, thanks MacManx and to others who offered assistance.

    Regards, Bruce (now I'll try to submit this)

  13. You're welcome!

  14. You're welcome from me and @macmanx it would be great if the information about available countries and the information you gave here could be added in the Support doc to clarify about the embed, maybe in the troubleshooting section.

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