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sharing my blog

  1. i don't see any "share" buttons on the blog page(home page). i only see the share buttons on the "about" page, which is not where the blog is posted...please advise
    Blog url:

  2. If you click the title of the post it will display on it's own page and there you will see the sharing buttons.

    If you are having trouble showing the sharing buttons on your blog, please check the following:
    I can’t see the buttons on the front page.
    Make sure to select “Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results” for “Show buttons on” setting.

  3. thebirdingbunch

    Go to your Dashboard> Settings>Sharing. Scroll down to where it asks where you want to show the buttons and go from there.

  4. thebirdingbunch

    Ah, Timethief, I didn't actually click on the post itself. They are there. Sorry about that.

    Disregard my statement, justanormalmom2012. :)

  5. @thebirdingbunch
    Not to worry.

  6. Oh, got it!! thanks!

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