Sharing my blog via Google like I can with Twitter.

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    I am no longer on Facebook and I am getting heavily into Google+ I would LOVE for my post to automatically go to my Google page like they do to my Twitter feed. I do not feel I should have to upgrade to a .org account to enjoy this functionality. Can we get a widget that works like the Twitter connection?

    The blog I need help with is



    No we cannot and thank GOD.

    Google+ has specifically banned robot posting, as they want their participants to be real people reading the site and contributing live, not using it as a push notification platform.

    It’s the very best thing about G+ right now.

    There is no platform or upgrade that will do this, short of paying someone to do it for you and giving them your Google identity.


    I am a real person trying to cover as much social space as possible in a short amount of time. That is why I would love to have this feature. And I have seen people post items from Hootsuite and Tweetdeck on Google+ so I’m not quite what the difference is?



    They are doing it manually, in realtime.

    As you yourself say you are trying to cover as much social space as possible in a short amount of time. This is directly antithecal to G+’s goal of having real people participating live and staying on their site. So they do not enable it.


    They can’t possibly be doing it manually because you can set automatic updates via Hootsuite. I’ve never used TweetDeck but I bet they have auto updates as well. Please explain to me how Google is preventing this? Is there an algorithm that detects auto-post? I’m just trying to understand because I’m not seeing the difference.



    You CAN but you don’t have to. I have friends who work at Hootsuite and they say G+ won’t give them the necessary tools and access. Really. Hootsuite is like five blocks from my house. This is what G+ says, this is what they have always said, and this is what Hootsuite says.



    I’ve been using Tweetdeck for the past five hours, all live. You can schedule a tweet in Tweetdeck, but you can’t schedule a G+ post because G+ will not allow it.


    So basically, the auto-post I setup via Hootsuite will be blocked by Google according to Google and Hootsuite? Funny because it went through and posted to my Google page. If they block me I guess I will just keep copying and pasting my blog post into Google. Thank you for your assistance.

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