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"Sharing" on a Facebook page

  1. The publish to Facebook page isn't working. I've been having problems the last couple of days. I've checked the Sharing settings multiple times, connected and disconnected and connected again. From within posts, it's showing the Twitter feed, but I keep getting the "error" that I need to connect to Facebook to publicize, I expand the box, select FB, it disappears. I've logged in and out of FB, authorized publishing several times and finally thought it was working last nigh. However, this morning, a post I had scheduled for 6 am didn't publish to FB. Is there a problem with this newer sharing option? I didn't have a problem when I was publishing to my regular FB page, but my fan page seems to be having problems. As a matter of fact, realized last week that the posts were all publishing without pictures.
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  2. Please try the full reconnect procedure detailed at including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step.

  3. I've followed the instructions and tried this four different times, even removing the Networked Blogs app. It still isn't working. I keep getting a message after establishing the connections that I need to authorize FB. Then, I authorize it and FB still disappears from the "Publicize" field within the post.

  4. Are you trying to public to your personal Facebook wall or a Facebook page?

  5. I am publishing to my FB page. However, it appears to be working on new posts now. Yesterday, I was trying to udpate and existing post to get it to publish and it wouldn't work, so I just shared it on my page. The new posts I created last night and that are publishing this morning are also publishing on my FB page. Question though, images are not posting with the articles. Is that a limitation? When I published to my personal FB wall, one of the pictures that accompanied the post would publish. That is not the case now and I can't find any setting to alter that, though I thought I saw something somewhere on FB related to images with published posts. Thank you.

  6. Unfortunately, it's up to Facebook to choose the images, and we have no control over this. They seem to use a very strict set of criteria that changes often.

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