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Sharing on Facebook privacy settings

  1. When I set a post to Share on Facebook, it posts, but its privacy setting is set so only I can see it. I'd like it to be public. How can I have it automatically set to post with the privacy setting of Public?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Change your settings at Facebook to show your updates and links to Public, rather than just yourself and Friends.

  3. What do you mean "change my settings at facebook?" do you mean the individual post? I've done that, but that's not what I want. I want it to automatically be public. My default setting for posts is public. So I'm not sure where else I can change this.

  4. Please give me a link to a post on your FB so I can check.

  5. Check what? That its public. It is public. Because I manually changed the privacy settings after WordPress automatically published it on my page. It would be more informative for you to see it from my side. I'll take a screenshot.

  6. Give me the link to a place on Facebook where you posted a link to your blog.

  7. Am I correct in saying you don't post anything except links to your blog on that FB page? Because I don't see anything except those links there.

  8. Is this relevant to my question.... Is there a way to change the privacy settings that wordpress uses to automatically share posts?

  9. Yes it is relevant. I'm not here to engage in wandering conversation with you.


    And yet it feels like a wandering conversation. Do you know of a way to changes the settings? No, ok, maybe someone else will.

  11. Here is the long answer:

    No, I have a lot more on my feed. My settings have been "Friends only" until recently as I was having problems with WordPress. I then changed it to Public this week and after I had a few more blog posts post to with the Only me setting. The posts that are showing to you I had to manually change.

    Regardless of all of the above, I have never had my default settings set to "Only me." If my past behavior dictated how the posts would be set, I would assume they would have been set to "Friends only".

    Now that I have taken this rather long detour of explanation, I am no closer to a solution than I was before.

    I have posted the relevant information:
    my blog
    the Share settings of my blog
    my privacy settings on facebook
    the resulting post on facebook

    If this is not enough information to determine a solution, I do not believe any further information will help.

  12. Nothing you post on FB with the exception of the links that you MANUALLY changed is visible to the Public. That is where the problem lies. I believe you will have to flush the FB cache in order for the settings you've got to take effect.

    Nothing of the other posts you've made with the Public setting are visible to me, so clearly FB is hanging on to tighter settings.

  13. 1 I did not have any other public posts
    2 the article states this is for problems regarding title, image, or description of the page being shared. It has nothing to do whatbprivacy settings are applied to the post
    3 I have no control over the url that is being sent to Facebook to share. That is generated by WordPress.

    This does not address issue

  14. Even posting them to Friends only would be helpful. Having WordPress automatically share my blog post to only myself is not helpful. I do not believe this is how it was intended to work but seeing as I have no settings available to change, I do not know what else I can do .

  15. You told me you DID have other public posts. I have helped you as much as I can.

  16. You're right, I was trying to streamline my question to its essentials so that the topic wouldn't be distracted. I had changed my default setting to Public, instead of Friends only. After I had noticed the problem. The problem continued after the change. I have posted a public post and the problem continues.

    After 15 posts in this thread where I have provided a wealth of information, all I have received in help is:

    "Change your Facebook settings" and a random article that has nothing to do with my problem.

    So the long and short of this is:
    Do you know how to change the privacy settings of Facebook posts generated by WordPress's Share feature?
    raincoaster: No.

  17. You don't answer honestly, you don't get good help. Deal with it.

  18. Honestly, if you don't know what is going on but you still think you know what the parameters are, you're deranged.


  19. Your personal attack is as helpful as anything else you have posted.

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